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The perfect way to enjoy a variety of your favourite Mamì Jams flavours.

Build your Custom Variety Pack any way you like: choose 3 flavours among the 15 available and create your very own box!

Mamì Jams: over 75% of fresh fruit, the highest amount of all jams in Italy and Europe!

Only 3 ingredients: fruit, sugar and natural fruit pectin, without acids or artificial preservatives.

Thanks to IQF technology (Individual Quick Freezing), fruit is picked at the best level of ripeness and then immediately deep-frozen. In this way, all the fruit’s beneficial properties are preserved, without adding preservatives or chemicals.

The particular cooking process, slow, under vacuum and at low temperatures (below 60°C), also allows to maintain all the fruit’s nutrients and vitamins, which are generally destroyed by high temperatures.

Try them for a healthy and nutritious breakfast: excellent on classic rusks or on toasted bread with butter, great to mix with your favourite yogurt. Ideal also as filling for your crèpes and for normal or protein pancakes, and as topping for your waffles!

You can also make a quick and simple tart: you’ll just need to prepare the shortcrust pastry base and fill it with the jam, without cooking it in the oven, so as not to spoil the fruit. Trust us: you will rediscover the real taste of fruit!

Not only sweet: Mamì Jams perfectly match with different kinds of cheese, both soft and hard, fresh and savoury, and even blue cheeses.

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