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Can KalaMitica containers and accessories be attached to any metal surface?

KalaMitica containers, cachepots and accessories have a very powerful permanent magnet made of neodymium. They can be hung on any metal surface containing iron.
Their stability and adhesion will depend on the composition and thickness of the support.

Can I hang Kalamitica containers and accessories on the fridge?

They can be hung on the fridge only if it has a metal surface.
Their stability and adhesion will depend on the thickness of the surface and on the percentage of iron in it.

What material are KalaMitica containers made of?

KalaMitica containers and cachepots are made of ABS resin. Most of them are co-molded with a permanent neodymium magnet, which therefore is an integral part of the container.
Others have a powerful magnet that can be removed from the container itself.
All the containers in our range are 100% Made in Italy.

Are KalaMitica containers recyclable

ABS resin is recyclable and must be disposed of as plastic waste. However, the magnet must be removed first.
For this operation it may be necessary to use a pair of pliers.

Can I use KalaMitica containers and accessories outdoors?

All KalaMitica products are designed mainly for interior decoration.
They can also be used outdoors, but we cannot guarantee their perfect preservation if directly exposed to weathering and sunlight.
We recommend keeping them away from rain and direct sunlight.

Can KalaMitica pots contain food?

The KalaMitica items listed below are especially designed to contain food, as they have a movable fixing system thanks to which the magnet never touches the internal part of the container.

  • Magnetic Boule Ø10 cm
  • Magnetic Boule Ø15 cm
  • Magnetic Bowl 22 cm
  • Transparent Magnetic Boule Ø10 cm with lid
  • Transparent Magnetic Boule Ø15 cm
  • Transparent Magnetic Bowl 22 cm with lid
Will KalaMitica containers be damaged if they get wet?

To date, there have been no problems linked to the contact with water.
However, we recommend not exposing the containers to rain and not inserting plants in them without a vase.
If you want to use them to contain plants, it is important that they have their own pot. In case of direct and prolonged contact with water and potting soil, the magnet might be corroded, thus ruining the appearance of the container.

Do KalaMitica containers and accessories work on walls painted with magnetic tempera?

KalaMitica containers and accessories can be hung on all metal surfaces containing iron.
Their stability and adhesion will depend on the composition and thickness of the support.
Our magnetic chalkboards are the ideal supports for our magnetic products, while we cannot guarantee the correct functioning on other supports.

Do KalaMitica containers work on magnetic walls made of glass?

KalaMitica containers and accessories can be hung also on glass-covered magnetic boards.
Their stability and adhesion will depend on the composition and thickness of the support and of the overlying glass.
Our magnetic chalkboards are the ideal supports for our magnetic products, while we cannot guarantee their correct functioning on other supports.

How much weight can KalaMitica containers carry?

Each container can support a certain weight, depending on its size and shape.
In the technical data sheet of each item you can read the maximum weight that can be carried.
The value indicated is valid when the container is hung on a KalaMitica chalkboard, which has a thickness of 1.2 mm.
Tests have been carried out on our metal supports.

What are the dimensions of the KalaMitica containers?

Our containers are available in many different dimensions, depending on the type of product.
More details can be found in the technical data sheet of each item.

How long does the magnet last?

KalaMitica containers have a permanent neodymium magnet that lasts forever.

Is it possible to wash KalaMitica containers in the dishwasher?

To date, there have been no problems with dishwashing.
However, we suggest not washing our products at very high temperatures or with aggressive detergents, that could negatively affect the magnet holding force.
However, the containers listed below, unlike all the others, have a movable fixing system that allows you to separate the container from the magnet.
All these items can therefore be washed in the dishwasher without any problem, like every kitchen accessory made of ABS resin:

  • Magnetic Boule Ø10 cm
  • Magnetic Boule Ø15 cm
  • Magnetic Bowl 22 cm
  • Transparent Magnetic Boule Ø10 cm with lid
  • Transparent Magnetic Boule Ø15 cm
  • Transparent Magnetic Bowl 22 cm with lid
Can the magnet cause problems for mobile phones and credit cards?

Yes, the magnet of our containers could cause some problems to mobile phones and credit cards, if placed in direct contact with them.
With the items listed below, however, this problem does not arise. Unlike the others, these containers have a movable fixing system, thanks to which the magnet never touches the internal part of the container, and the magnetic force is directed only towards the chalkboard:

  • Magnetic Boule Ø10 cm
  • Magnetic Boule Ø15 cm
  • Magnetic Bowl 22 cm
  • Transparent Magnetic Boule Ø10 cm with lid
  • Transparent Magnetic Boule Ø15 cm
  • Transparent Magnetic Bowl 22 cm with lid
Can I fix the magnetic shelf to the wall with screws?

No, the magnetic shelf is designed to be used with KalaMitica magnetic chalkboards. The two magnetic cubes support the shelf when hung on a metal support.


Which blackboard to choose?

The choice of a magnetic blackboard depends on its use and is a very personal choice.
We can use it to attach the souvenir magnets collected in our travels, to write, to create a green wall, to create an equipped wall or for all these things together.
The wide range of KalaMitica chalkboards offers many possibilities to choose from blackboards with wooden support, passing to classic blackboards or the shaped to be attached to the wall.
To furnish the desk you can use those with wooden support, that with our magnetic containers, become excellent desk accessories.
If you want to order a completely personalized blackboard, we also offer a custom made service.

Which blackboard is better for me?

For those who love minimal design objects we recommend the classic blackboards that you will find in different colours.
Classic blackboards like 56x38 and 74x57 are best sellers for us and they furnish in a simple and clean way. For those who love animals and nature and want something fun, we recommend looking at the shaped one.
If you want a blackboard for your desk, you will also find solutions with wooden bases in the classics section.

What is a magnetic blackboard for?

Magnetic boards have several uses:

  • To write and delete. Most of our products are writable only with chalks and with Securit liquid chalk markers, that we have tested and you can find for sale in the appropriate section of our website./li>
  • To create green walls with indoor plants combined with KalaMitica containers, also designed as design pot holders./li>
  • To create new vertical space by making comfortable and functional walls equipped to free up the horizontal spaces.
  • To order and display the collection of souvenir magnets.
Where can I put a magnetic blackboard?

With KalaMitica Magnetic System you can create vertical solutions in any indoor environment where you need space, a green wall or to beautify your rooms.
The magnetic chalkboards, together with the accessories, create new space by freeing and ordering tables, the entrance and kitchen.
At the entrance they become nice and functional hangers and key rings.
In the kitchen, they are perfect for writing the shopping list, for having ladles and spices on the wall and aromatic plants close at hand.
In the bedroom they offer solutions for desks and turn into vertical the bedside tables.

What material are KalaMitica chalkboards made of?

KalaMitica chalkboards are made of ferritic steel.
The various shapes and sizes are the result of a production process that uses a laser cutting system. Once the cut is made, the sheet is powder-coated to guarantee a long life.
The whole process is carried out in Italy, which guarantees the 100% Made in Italy quality of our products.

What are the dimensions of the KalaMitica chalkboards?

Our chalkboards are available in many different sizes, depending on the type.
More details can be found in the technical data sheet of each article.

Are KalaMitica chalkboards also magnetic like the containers?

No, KalaMitica chalkboards do not have magnetic charge.
They are made of ferritic steel, therefore they are perfect surfaces for hanging our containers, KalaMitica cachepots, souvenir magnets and all magnets in general.

How can I fix the KalaMitica chalkboards to the wall?

Kalamitica chalkboards are always packaged with standard screws, wall plugs and screw covers.
Please note that walls made of other materials require different types of fixing accessories (not supplied).
Our chalkboards can also be fixed using silicone or silicone glues.
Once glued to the wall, we suggest fastening up the perimeter of the chalkboard with paper jointing tape for at least 24 hours.

How big are the fixing holes?

The fixing holes are counter-sunk and designed to for screws of size M3 x 24mm.

Do KalaMitica chalkboards have to be hung on the wall?

Some chalkboards can also be placed on a flat surface, thanks to a little wooden base.
For some types of chalkboards, the base is provided in the package; it is also possible to buy it separately.

Can I have a bespoke chalkboard?

Our chalkboards can be customized in size, shape and colour.
In our website you can find a section about bespoke chalkboards.
To learn more about this service, please visit the dedicated page or contact us at the following email address:

Can I write on the KalaMitica chalkboards?

Yes, all our magnetic chalkboards are writable with regular chalks or with Securit liquid chalk markers.
In our shop you can find the markers that we recommend to our customers, branded Securit.
Those of other brands can leave halos or marks, especially if you use dark colours on light chalkboards.
In our shop you can also find Securit spray cleaner, specifically designed for their liquid chalk markers.

Are there any contraindications to hanging metal chalkboards in the kitchen? Can food residues spoil them?

To date, there have been no contraindications in placing our chalkboards in the kitchen.
Some customers even use our chalkboards as a kitchen backsplash.
Any residue of food can be removed with a damp cloth or, if necessary, with a regular cleaner/degreaser.

Can I use them with any kind of magnet?

Yes, our chalkboards can be used with any object with a magnet.
Our chalkboards can support even large quantities of magnets without any problem.

Can KalaMitica chalkboards be used outdoors?

All KalaMitica chalkboards are mainly designed for interior decoration.
They can be used also outdoors, but we cannot guarantee their perfect preservation over time, if directly exposed to weathering.
We recommend keeping them away from rain and direct sunlight.

Are the chalkboards rigid or foldable?

KalaMitica chalkboards are rigid.
They are made of steel and are 1.2 mm thick, so they cannot be bent or curved.

How do I hang magnetic frames?

Magnetic frames are chalkboards with a wooden frame.
Like in normal frames, there are notched hooks on the back, so that you can hang them on the wall.
The rectangular versions are designed to be positioned in both directions.
Screws, wall plugs or nails are not included in the package.

Can I write on magnetic frames?

KalaMitica magnetic frames are writable only with liquid chalk markers branded Securit, that you can find in our shop.
Markers of other brands can leave marks or halos, especially if dark colours are used on light chalkboards. In case of problems, we suggest trying to use Securit spray cleaner (also available in our shop).
However, we cannot guarantee a thorough cleaning if you are not using the products that we tested and recommended.


Are the plants included in the pots?

Visit the section “Magnetic plants” to see some nice gift ideas with KalaMitica magnetic Cube of 3,5 cm together with Tillandsia.
You can buy Tillandsia also separately from our Cube.

Why don't you sell other types of plants?

At the moment we only sell Tillandsia because they have the advantage of living without soil,
so we can ensure you that they will arrive at their destination in perfect conditions, not damaged or overturned.

Can containers be used as plant pots?

Our magnetic containers are very well suited to contain plants, but it is important that they have their own pot.
We recommend not inserting plants directly in our containers, without a vase, in order to avoid root asphyxiation and magnet corrosion.


How do I place an order?

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Can I use a different delivery and billing address?

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Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email with the tracking code of the courier and a link to enter it. Here you can see, step by step, where your package is.

How do I return an item?

Fill in the return form and wait for our instructions: we will reply within one working day.

My item is wrong or defective; what do I do?

We are sorry for the inconvenience: visit the Return my goods section of your customer account and follow the procedure, we will contact you within one business day to resolve the problem


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