Aloe Humilis
Aloe Humilis
Aloe Humilis

Aloe Humilis


Why choose me?

  • I am one of the most aesthetic succulent plants.
  • I have thorns but I am not so prickly!
  • I am very easy to care for.

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It likes to receive sunlight all day long, which is why it needs to be in a very bright room even during the winter. Ideally, it should be placed near a window facing south-east.

Being native to South Africa, Aloe Humilis is not accustomed to cold temperatures. For this reason, it is ideal to grow indoors, provided it has sufficient light. The ideal cultivation temperature is between 20 and 25°C.

Water only when the soil is completely dry, to avoid root rot. In spring and summer, water once every 10-15 days, in winter you can even stop watering.

The flower is one of the most special features of the Aloe Humilis: it is located at the end of a stem that is about 25 cm high (but can even reach 45 cm!) and is orange-red in colour with lighter tips. Flowering can take place at different times of the year, but always when temperatures are above 20°C. After flowering, it is advisable to remove the dried flowers from the base of the plant.

“Succulent” facts
It is one of the smallest and slow-growing varieties of Aloe. It is precisely from this characteristic that the name humilis, which in Latin means 'short, small in stature', derives.

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