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Magnetic Boule Ø 6 cm and Aloe Variegata
Magnetic Boule Ø 6 cm and Aloe Variegata

Magnetic Boule Ø 6 cm and Aloe Variegata


Why choose me?

  • I am very beautiful, with my fleshy and striped leaves (in fact they also call me “Tiger Aloe”!)
  • I am a plant that brings good luck and a symbol of long life
  • I absorb carbon dioxide even at night: you can keep me in the bedroom!
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It loves bright and airy environments, but away from direct sunlight (especially in the hottest months) and drafts.
However, it adapts quite well to various exposure conditions.

It loves high temperatures; the ideal cultivation temperature varies between 20 and 24°C.
The Variegata species can withstand colder temperatures than other varieties of Aloe, but it is still preferable not to go below 5°C.

Aloe is able to resist drought, but does not tolerate water stagnation. One of the most frequent problems in the cultivation of Aloe, in fact, is the rot of the plant due to excess water. Therefore, as with all succulents, it is necessary to make sure that the soil is completely dry before giving water again. Water a couple of times a week in the hottest season, maximum once a month during the winter.

It begins to bloom with the arrival of spring, producing a long inflorescence (up to 30 cm!) with pink-red or yellow flowers arranged in clusters.
Especially in its natural habitat, its red flowers attract numerous birds and insects, contributing to the spread of the species through pollination.

“Succulent” facts
Native to a large area from South Africa, to Madagascar, up to Arabia, Aloe Variegata is an ancient plant, known for millennia.
The Egyptians considered it necessary to obtain immortality, which is why they often planted it at the entrance to the pyramids.
Over the centuries, then, people would place an Aloe plant at the entrance to the gardens, because they believed that it was able to keep evil spirits away from one's home.
Even today, giving an Aloe plant as a gift means wishing a long and happy life. Aloe stands out from other indoor plants for its ability to release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide during the night. For this reason, it is perfect in the bedroom.

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