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Magnetic Boule Ø 6 cm and Echinopsis...
Magnetic Boule Ø 6 cm and Echinopsis...
Magnetic Boule Ø 6 cm and Echinopsis...
Magnetic Boule Ø 6 cm and Echinopsis...

Magnetic Boule Ø 6 cm and Echinopsis Subdenudata

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Why choose me?

  • I am a succulent plant that is easy to grow
  • I am very nice: I have no thorns and they call me "Easter cactus"!
  • my flowers are really beautiful, they are often bigger than me

Echinopsis (from the Greek echinos "porcupine" and opsis "appearance") are succulent plants characterized by a globose stem, sometimes elongated. Along the ribs, they develop quite consistent thorns, which are nothing more than the transformed leaves.
Their flowers are particularly decorative and often very large compared to the size of the entire plant.
They love very bright and airy places, in summer and winter, but they can suffer from particularly cold temperatures.

It should be exposed to the south: it needs a lot of light (even direct sunlight, but beware of the lens effect if left close to a window).
When exposed to direct light, it can turn a reddish / brown color.

The optimal cultivation temperature is between 15 and 24 ° C.
It does not particularly like the cold: in winter, they can withstand temperatures up to 7 ° C, but only for short periods.
In summer, it is better not to exceed 30 ° C; they love well-ventilated places.

Water regularly in summer, but only when the soil is dry; keep dry in winter.
Do not leave stagnant water in the pot.

From late spring to all summer, it produces large white and fragrant flowers, up to 22 cm long.
Flowers bloom in the afternoon and stay open all night, but they rarely last for several days.

“Succulent” facts
Native to Bolivia, these plants have a very developed root system, since in their natural environment the roots run in search of water.
In nature, you can even find plants only 20 cm tall with over a cubic meter of roots!

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