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Why choose me?

  • I am the largest and tallest of the KalaMitica plants
  • I am very long-lived
  • I am very easy to grow, just keep me in a warm place

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It prefers a very bright location, even in full sun (if the temperatures are not too high).
If positioned outdoors, it can remain without problems in a shaded position for a few hours of the day, and must be sheltered from the rain.

Native to southern California and northern Mexico, it loves the heat while suffers particularly from the cold.
Therefore, as soon as the temperatures drop below 8-10 ° C, it should be brought indoors.

During the warmer months, water regularly, once a week.
In winter, suspend completely.
However, the general rule is to allow the soil to dry completely before giving water again.

From March to June, it produces funnel-shaped white flowers.
The flowers open in the late afternoon and remain open throughout the following morning.

“Succulent” facts
In nature, Pachycereus pringley is one of the tallest cacti in the world. Its name comes from this characteristic: Pachycereus derives from the Greek “pachys”, meaning large.
Due to its size, it is also known as "elephant cactus", also because the shape of the lower part of the stem resembles an elephant foot.
The “pringley” species, on the other hand, was named after Ciro Guernsey Pringle, an American botanist and collector.
Some Native American populations ground the seeds of this cactus to form a kind of flour, while the pulp was used as a disinfectant and medicine in general. The dried stems also found their use, as poles, fences and house walls.

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