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Venice Magnet and Cube with...
Venice Magnet and Cube with...
Venice Magnet and Cube with...

Venice Magnet and Cube with Tillandsia Ionantha

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Add a touch of green to your home with this kit, perfect for those who love nature and the vibrant atmosphere of cities.

The kit includes:

  • an original collector's magnet with the outline of Venice's most famous monuments in pastel shades;
  • a 3.5 cm white magnetic cube and a real Tillandsia plant.


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KalaMitica "+ green in our cities"!

Looking to add a touch of green and design to your home? This is the kit for you!

This set combines the elegance of pastel colors, the charm of beloved cities, and the beauty of nature.

The magnet with Venice's skyline depicts all the most famous monuments and buildings of the city in an original pastel-coloured reinterpretation. Not just a travel souvenir, but also a useful accessory for holding sheets and photos on your magnetic board, fridge, and other metal surfaces.

The Tillandsia plant (also known as Air Plant) is very easy to care for: just place it inside the magnetic cube and it will help purify the air in your home by absorbing pollutants and excess moisture! Place it in a bright spot and spray it with water once a week (in summer, even once a day).

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