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Whiteboard Markers, Assorted Colours...
Whiteboard Markers, Assorted Colours...

Whiteboard Markers, Assorted Colours (Pack of 4)

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  • Dry-wipe whiteboard markers.

  • PVC case with 4 coloured pens: black, blue, red, green.

  • Chisel/medium tip.

  • Low-odour and non-toxic ink, without xylene or toluene.

  • Not suitable for children under 3 years.

  • Made in China.

  • Suitable for the following KalaMitica boards: (glossy whiteboards)
    - 60038-903-000
    - 25074-903-057
    - 60074-903-114
    - 60145-903-100
    - Printed boards

  • Do not use on chalkboards in the following colours: fine-texture white, beige, silver, anthracite.

Bright, intense colours: thanks to their vivid colours, these dry-erase markers are ideal for use on whiteboards during meetings, presentations, lectures and brainstorming.

Write and erase: the durable tip allows for smooth and even writing, while the ink is easy to erase with a felt eraser or a dry cloth, keeping the whiteboard clean at all times.

Precise tip: the chisel tip allows both clear, detailed writing and thicker marks that are easy to read even from a distance. Ideal for drawing graphs, writing notes or underlining key concepts.

How to use: close the cap after each use. Store markers horizontally, not vertically. Erase with felt eraser or soft cloth. If necessary, clean the whiteboard thoroughly with water, alcohol or a mild detergent.

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