Magnetic Board Eraser

Magnetic Board Eraser

  • Magnetic eraser for whiteboards and blackboards.
  • Removes dry-erase markers (from glossy whiteboards) and chalk (from boards with standard - slightly rough - coating).
  • Please note: NOT suitable for erasing liquid chalk markers from boards with a rough finish (anthracite-rough white-beige-silver).

  • Washable with soap and water.
  • Sticks to all magnetic boards without scratching surfaces.
  • Ergonomic shape, easy for children to use.
  • Size: 10,3 x 5,5 x 2 cm.

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Magnetic whiteboard and blackboard eraser for chalk and dry-erase markers.

Thanks to the magnet inside, it sticks perfectly to magnetic boards and all ferrous surfaces.

The felt bottom removes marks and writings quickly and easily, leaving no scratches behind. If the marks on the board haven’t been cleaned for a long time, it may be necessary to use some water or a cleaning product.

Ergonomic design, easy to hold and use even for children.

Can be washed with mild soap and water and re-used several times.

Non-toxic and odourless.

The Neodimì brand includes several products already on the market, which we have selected for their quality and characteristics.

They are accessories that are in great demand among our customers and thanks to which we wish to complete our service, increasing the functionality of KalaMitica magnetic boards.

16 g
10,3 x 5,5 x 2 cm

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