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Customised Magnetic Board 114x74 cm -...
Customised Magnetic Board 114x74 cm -...
Customised Magnetic Board 114x74 cm -...

Customised Magnetic Board 114x74 cm - Vertical

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Selling conditions

  • Magnetic steel board, 114 x 74 x 0,12 cm.
  • This board will be VERTICAL. Click here if you’d like to customise a HORIZONTAL board.

  • Ideal for magnets of all kinds.
  • Can be fixed to the wall with screws and dowels (supplied) or with appropriate glue.
  • Smooth surface, writable with whiteboard markers.
  • Can be wiped dry or with a damp cloth.

  • Production time: 15-20 working days. ⚠️ Orders confirmed after 23 July will be shipped from September. ⚠️
  • Before the board is printed, we’ll carry out a revision to verify the centring and alignment of texts/images and the correctness of the texts (e.g. spelling or typing errors). If we make any significant changes to your design, we will contact you so that you can approve them.

  • Please note: For reasons related to production processes, it is not possible to print optical white (hex code #ffffff). The white resulting from printing can be assimilated to a RAL 9010 code.
    Generally speaking, a Delta E variation of 3% (ΔE = ± 3) between the colour selected during product configuration and the resulting colour in the printing process is considered acceptable.

  • Shipping information: due to its large size and weight (120x80x3 cm - 11.1 kg), this product incurs a shipping surcharge (from 25.00€).
  • For the purchase of 4 or more pieces, please write to shop@kalamitica.com. 
    Shipping needs to be done on a pallet and we will evaluate together the costs and the best solution.



KalaMitica Made4You: imagination has no limits

Make your own writable magnetic board with the photos, images and texts you want!

Create a unique customised magnetic board, exactly the way you want it.

Whether you need a chalkboard for home organisation, for a creative work environment or for a special gift, here you can make the perfect chalkboard for you or someone you love.

Watch the video and discover everything you can do with KalaMitica Made4You!

Frequently Asked Questions - KalaMitica Made4You

How to make a Made4You customised board?

Creating a customised board is very simple. 

Within the product sheet (pay attention to the chosen size and orientation), click on the "Customise" button: our online configurator will open. 

The configurator is also available on tablets and smartphones, but for a better experience we recommend using a PC. 

Here you can add and edit whatever you like:
1. Background colour
2. Texts and lettering
3. Images, photos, stickers and shapes (you can upload them directly from your device or select from those already available). 

Once you have finished your project, you can add it to your shopping cart and complete your order. 

Watch the video tutorial above to discover all the secrets of the online configurator.

Can I upload my own photos? What features do they need to have?

Yes, you can upload images and photos directly from your device. 

However, it is important that they have these characteristics:
- Accepted formats: jpg, jpeg, pgn, svg
- Recommended minimum DPI value: 150
- Maximum size: 128 MB

What quality will the printed image have?

When you upload an image, it will automatically be inserted into the project at the most appropriate size to ensure good print quality. 

You will still be able to enlarge the image as you wish, but we cannot guarantee good print quality. 

- If the image is surrounded by a green border, the print quality will be good.
- If the image is surrounded by a red border, the print quality may not be optimal. 

When you add a project that includes low quality images to your cart, a warning message will be displayed. 

You can ignore it and proceed with the order anyway, or reduce the images until the border turns green again.

Does what I see on the screen correspond exactly to the product I will receive?

Brightness, contrast and screen colour settings can influence the way the custom board design appears on different devices.

It is therefore not possible to guarantee an exact match between the actual product and the image and colours of the product as they might be represented on the device used.

What does the 'Graphic Revision' include?

For each confirmed order, we will carry out a check before proceeding with the printing of the board.

We will check:
- correctness of texts (e.g. spelling or typing errors);
- centring and alignment of texts and images.

If we make any significant changes to your project, we will contact you back so that you can approve them.

It remains your responsibility to ensure that you do not use images that are of poor quality, blurred, too light or too dark, etc.

Are Made4You customised boards magnetic?

Yes, Made4You boards are made of ferritic steel like all other KalaMitica boards.

They are therefore ideal for sticking the magnetic containers and accessories in the range, as well as all other objects with magnets and fridge magnets.

We recommend attaching and detaching magnetic objects carefully, without dragging them, so as not to scratch or damage the surface of the board.

Are Made4You customised boards writable?

Yes, Made4You boards are coated with a layer of semi-gloss clear varnish to protect the printed images and make the board writable.

You can write with dry-erase whiteboard markers.

How can I clean a customised magnetic board?

To remove writings made with whiteboard markers, a felt eraser (or a soft cloth) is sufficient.

For deeper cleaning, or if the writings have been on the board for a long time, you may need to use a damp cloth or mild detergent.

Do not use abrasive sponges or sharp tools, so as not to damage the surface of the board.

How can I fix the board to the wall?

Inside the package, there is a mounting kit with screws, dowels and hole cover stickers.

The dowels provided are suitable for brick/concrete walls and solid wood surfaces.

Alternatively, the boards can be attached to the wall using extra-strong glues such as No More Nails or similar. 

Please note: walls of different materials require different types of fixing accessories (not supplied).

If the wall is made of plasterboard, we recommend using suitable wall plugs (not supplied) or glue.

For sticking the board on ceramic tiles, such as for a kitchen backsplash or in a bathroom, we recommend extra-strong glues that can be removed, if necessary, without damaging the surfaces.

Once glued to the wall, we recommend securing the perimeter of the board with paper tape for at least 24 hours.

Are Made4You boards printed on both sides?

No, the board is printed only on the front.

The back of the board is not writable.

When will I receive my customised board?

For the production of customised boards with standard dimensions, it takes 15-20 working days.

Shipping is by courier service. Delivery usually takes 5-7 working days.

The available sizes do not work for me. Can I also customise the board size?

Yes, it is possible to order a Made4You board with customised dimensions. 

In this case, however, you cannot use the online configurator directly. 

Contact us at made4you@kalamitica.com and we will realise your project together.

Can I return a Made4You customised board if the end result is not to my liking?

The right of withdrawal, which normally allows withdrawal within 14 days of receipt of the products without giving any reason or incurring any cost, does not apply to the supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalised. 

Products ordered through KalaMitica's Made4You service are clearly customised by the Customer and therefore it is NOT possible to exercise the right of withdrawal. 

The possibility of replacement/refund of the purchased product will only be offered in the event of a manufacturing error attributable to us.

I have received a damaged board. Can I return it?

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Please contact us and send us some photos of the board and the box (don't throw it away immediately: in some cases it might be useful to keep it).

We will look for the best solution together.

1.2 mm
10.5 kg
114 x 74 cm

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