We at KalaMitica are also sensitive to the problem of climate change and have chosen to colour the monuments in our own way.

That is why, with the arrival of spring, our marketing team has chosen an important slogan: '+ Green in Our Cities'.

It's a message that resonates with everyone: no one enjoys living in red-alert cities!

We are all aware that we can no longer continue to pollute our lungs with harmful substances. 

We need + green, + plants and + nature around us!

From our homes to the cities we live in, greenery plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability and well-being.

But how can we embrace green and nature at home and in our cities?

Green at home: bringing nature indoors

Creating a green corner at home is not just about aesthetics, but also about well-being!

Plants contribute to a healthier environment by absorbing harmful substances like formaldehyde and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) found in some fabrics, paints, and cleaning products.

Even NASA has studied the topic, revealing the power of plants in absorbing toxins and maintaining healthy air, even in environments with limited air circulation where astronauts lived.

An innovative way to cultivate plants indoors is with indoor green walls.

KalaMitica was born with the aim of bringing greenery into homes, especially when space is limited. With magnetic containers and cachepots, you can create vertical green compositions, bringing nature indoors!

Green in cities: regenerating urban air with trees and green spaces

Since childhood, we've learned about photosynthesis in school, where plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

It's not magic, it's science: nature knows very well how to make us feel good!

Green areas in cities provide shade, mitigate summer heat, and absorb PM10 and PM2.5, the microparticles that poison our lungs.

At KalaMitica, we promote and support the idea of a greener and more sustainable city, encouraging everyone to plant trees, create urban parks, and take good care of existing green spaces.

Increasing the number of trees is a true sign of affection and respect for our cities, ourselves, and future generations!


+ Green at home and in our cities

+ Green because it's beautiful

+ Green because it relaxes

+ Green to breathe clean air

Let's celebrate green by colouring our cities!

To mark spring and Easter, symbols of renewal and hope, we've launched a new line of KalaMitica products.

We've transformed the skylines of some of Europe's most beautiful cities (Rome, Venice, Paris, London, Berlin, and Madrid) into a series of collectible magnets and printed boards, coloring them with pastel shades.

This choice isn't casual: besides adding a touch of color to the neutral tones and minimalist design of our products, pastel colors evoke nature, spring, and its flowers, conveying freshness and positivity.

Our magnets and our printed boards, often a travel memento, will now have an important mission: to spread awareness of the importance of plants and nature in our lives and cities!

And why not start small? We have come up with kits that include magnets and Tillandsia, the amazing air-purifying plants! You can stick them on your magnetic board, on the fridge, or give them as a gift to someone who loves travel and nature.

Functionality and design at your fingertips

Our collector's magnets, with their modern and refined design, enrich your living space with a contemporary touch. 

Their high quality materials and clean shapes lends elegance and simplicity, blending harmoniously with any decor style. 

These magnets become not only functional elements, but also aesthetic details that help define your space, making your home a haven of design and memories.

Our exclusive interpretation of the cities we all love, where what emerges is:

+ beauty

+ design 

+ Made in Italy quality

So let us be attracted by beauty, grateful to be able to breathe in the nature that spring brings us!

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