I am addressing you with this greeting that has now become universal.

A greeting that originated right here in the Veneto region, particularly in Venice.

The greeting 'ciao' derives from s'ciavo, meaning 'slave' (implied your). S'ciavo then became s'ciao and finally ciao.

This greeting implied consideration towards the person being greeted: 'ciao' is like saying 'what can I do for you', I'm here for you.

The worldwide success of 'ciao' is precisely in the beauty of this greeting, of humble origins but reaching the heart of those one meets on the way.

A word that expresses attention and consideration towards the interlocutor, who is then in a sense forced to think about what he or she really needs.

It is certainly necessary today to reshape business and make it more sustainable, so that everyone can express their creativity and imagination to the fullest, which is something the machine is not yet able to do.

This is why I care so much about the KalaMitica Made4You project.

A sharing project, in which all the work we have done to promote our brand, KalaMitica Magnetic System, is made available to those who want to try to design and dream a different way to express their creativity.

I invite you to learn more about our new project by reading this short presentation or by visiting the dedicated page on our website.


Antonio Sgaravatti

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