We are overjoyed!

After months of preparation, work and testing, we can finally present you with a project we are particularly proud of: here is KalaMitica Made4You!

Over the years, we have been asked many times to produce a board in a specific colour, or with the printing of a company logo, or even a particular text or picture.

Now all this is possible!

With KalaMitica Made4You you can finally create a magnetic board personalised in every detail directly online.

KalaMitica Made4You: unlimited customisation for your board

With KalaMitica Made4You, you have complete control over the creation of your customised magnetic board to suit your specific needs.

High quality printing

We want to offer you the highest possible quality. Images, photos and texts will be reproduced in a vibrant and vivid way!

Express your creativity

The customisation possibilities are endless: you can upload your own photos and images, insert colourful shapes and stickers or write your favourite quotes. 

The board will become a canvas for you to express your creativity!

Versatility and functionality

A customised magnetic board is not only beautiful to look at, but also useful and practical.

Made4You boards are writable with dry-erase markers and can be used with all KalaMitica magnetic accessories.

You can keep track of things to do, write important notes or leave special messages for your family or colleagues.

An original and lasting personalised gift

KalaMitica Made4You is not only for you: it is also a perfect gift for your loved ones. 

Personalise a magnetic board for a birthday, anniversary or simply to say "I love you". It will be a gift they will carry in their hearts every day!

How does KalaMitica Made4You work?

Step 1: Choose the size

Start by choosing the desired size for your customised magnetic board. 

Open the online configurator and start experimenting!

Step 2: Create your design

Choose the main colour of your board and add all the elements you want.

You can upload your own photos or select from a wide range of images, templates and illustrations that we have created especially for you.

Step 3: Save your project and confirm your order

Once you have finished your customised magnetic board project, confirm your order on our website.

Step 4: Receive your board

Once your order is confirmed, we will print your customised magnetic board and ship it directly to your home.

Have fun creating your customised board!

We are really excited about this new project and hope we have conveyed at least a small part of our joy to you.

All that remains is to invite you to try KalaMitica Made4You and create a magnetic board as unique and original as you are!

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