How much time do we spend in the kitchen?

Statistics say that we Italians spend an average of 33 minutes preparing each meal.

Like all numbers, these as well should be taken with a grain of salt: some people like to cook for much longer and others just heat up ready meals in 5 minutes.

Whether you are an experienced or novice cook, however, one thing is certain: organisation in the kitchen is crucial!

For this reason, today we would like to give you some ideas for furnishing your kitchen walls in a functional and elegant way!

The advantages of using magnetic boards and furniture in the kitchen

Think of all the things we usually place on the kitchen table or shelves: ladles, utensils, scissors, spices, dishcloths, herbs, condiments, bottles... How nice it would be to move everything vertically and have much more space available!

This is precisely what magnetic boards and accessories are for: by exploiting free wall space, they help to free up horizontal surfaces and create tidier, more functional spaces.

There are so many ways a magnetic board can be used in the kitchen: attaching potholders and tea towels, storing spices and condiments, keeping ladles, spoons and spatulas in order, hanging bottle openers and kitchen rolls... and even creating a green corner with aromatic plants!

Not only that: the writable chalkboard will allow you to write down your shopping list, the weekly menu or the recipe you are preparing.

And every time you want to arrange something in a different way... voilà! All you have to do is detach it and reposition it wherever you like, creating new and original compositions.

But let's get practical: here are some simple ideas for decorating your kitchen walls in an original way with magnetic boards and accessories!

1. Furnish the kitchen with wall-mounted wine racks

Who doesn't like to enjoy a moment for themselves in the kitchen, perhaps while sipping a glass of good wine?

Magnetic boards can also help to create the right atmosphere: you can create a real designer wine rack where you can store and display your favourite bottles of wine.

Don't be afraid to use magnetic shelves and containers: the strong magnets can hold much heavier weights than a couple of bottles!

Each element can be freely positioned and repositioned, creating new configurations with very little effort.

In this way, you’ll have fun transform the look of your kitchen whenever you want!

A useful solution also for wine shops, bars and restaurants, where the need to refurbish or redecorate periodically, or to set up spaces dedicated to particular products is more keenly felt.

In these places, this kind of wall panelling system – a sort of modern, metal 'boiserie' – can also be used to write the menu, price list or dish of the day, using liquid chalk markers.

2. Modern kitchen backsplash with magnetic boards

Especially in small kitchens, it is essential to make use of all the space available, such as above the cooker or worktops.

Using a magnetic board as a splashback can be an excellent solution to combine functionality and aesthetics, protecting the kitchen walls with style. In fact, magnetic boards are heat-resistant, easy to clean and above all enhance the design of modern-style kitchens.

It is also possible to complete the décor with various magnetic containers and accessories to organise utensils, cutlery, pot holders and much more.

You can cover the entire space behind the cooker with custom-made magnetic boards, so that you can adapt them to the shape of the furniture or create holes for sockets. Your kitchen will be completely personalised and exclusive!

3. Decorate the kitchen with a magnetic living wall

Those who enjoy cooking certainly love to grow aromatic plants to add flavour to their dishes.

Well, to decorate an empty wall in a bright kitchen, there is nothing better than creating a magnetic living wall!

By using magnetic cachepots, you can hide the plastic pots, adding a touch of elegance to the kitchen.

Moreover, thanks to the magnets, you can move your plants quickly and easily, depending on the light and heat conditions... so your plants will always grow strong and healthy!

In conclusion…

As we have seen, it takes very little to make the kitchen more organised, modern and functional!

If you want to furnish and decorate your kitchen in a modern and elegant way, we obviously recommend KalaMitica+. Thanks to their practicality and refined design, KalaMitica+ magnetic boards and accessories will decorate your kitchen walls with style and originality!

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