1. Why make a magnetic wall?

Making a magnetic wall can be a versatile and original solution to gain space by exploiting free wall space and, at the same time, to completely change the look of a room.

A magnetic wall can have many different functions: in the kitchen, to keep utensils and supplies close at hand; in the living room, to create modern wall units with plants and floating bookshelves; in the kids’ room, to keep toys tidy and as a space where one can write and draw freely; in the entrance hall, to hang keys, bags and coats in an orderly manner and at the desired height.

2. How to make a magnetic wall

You can make a magnetic wall in different ways and with different materials, depending on your budget and the final effect you want to achieve.

Let us look at the pros and cons of each solution.

2.1. Making a magnetic wall with magnetic paint

One of the most popular ways of creating a magnetic wall is using magnetic paint.

It is a paint containing iron particles, which can therefore transform an ordinary wall into a magnetic surface. 



  • fairly cheap method;
  • great flexibility: possibility of painting the wall as you wish and even drawing special shapes.


  • it is necessary to apply several coats of paint (even 10 or 15!) in order to achieve a fairly satisfactory magnetic effect;
  • weak magnets or heavy objects are very likely to slip or fall off;
  • the surface may not be writable (you will therefore have to apply a chalkboard paint as well, further reducing the force of attraction).

2.2. Making a magnetic wall with self adhesive magnetic boards

A second method for making a magnetic wall easily and without spending too much money is with self adhesive magnetic boards.


  • low price;
  • easy to use and customise with everyday tools, such as scissors or a cutter;
  • writable with whiteboard markers.


  • not very high force of attraction: weak magnets or heavy objects could slip or fall off;
  • aesthetics and durability: with heavy use, the sticker may quickly get damaged and scratched, while the adhesive may soon start to peel off at the corners;
  • once removed, glue residues may remain on the underlying surfaces that are difficult to remove.

2.3. Make a DIY magnetic wall

Do-it-yourselfers can also create a magnetic wall by themselves, using thin metal sheets that can be purchased in a well-stocked hardware shop.



  • for DIY enthusiasts, this is a fun and satisfying project to do;
  • greater attraction of magnets compared to previous solutions.


  • Difficult to customise: the metal sheets have standard dimensions and are difficult to cut, especially if you need to make holes for switches and sockets. We advise against modifying the sheets yourself, unless you have sufficient experience and suitable tools to chamfer corners and smooth sides, otherwise you’ll risk cutting yourself!

2.4. Make a magnetic wall with magnetic panels or large magnetic boards

If your goal is to create an elegant and modern magnetic wall, the best way to achieve it is using magnetic boards specifically designed for this purpose.

Several manufacturers, including us at KalaMitica, offer boards in standard or customisable sizes to meet a wide variety of needs.


  • possibility of having the board customised in shape and size, with extreme precision in the case of holes for switches or sockets;
  • high attraction force, to make all kinds of magnets stick;
  • high-quality materials that stand the test of time and do not spoil after only a few uses;
  • professional coating for a classy and elegant effect;
  • possibility (depending on the coating chosen) to write on the board with chalk or liquid chalk markers.


  • Higher price, especially for custom-made boards.

3. How to create an elegant magnetic wall with KalaMitica+

Once you have chosen the method with which you want to make your magnetic wall, what accessories should you add to make it more elegant and functional?

First of all, make sure that the force of attraction exerted by the magnetic surface is sufficient to keep the objects and accessories you intend to use firmly in place. Remember that stability and adhesion depend not only on the quality of the magnet, but also on the thickness of the metal surface at the base.

KalaMitica magnetic boards,
for example, are made with a thickness and material specially designed to maximise the strength of the permanent neodymium magnets used by all the products in the range, as well as fridge magnets, travel magnets and other home accessories. 

In this way, you can use your magnetic wall not only to display magnets from your travels or to hang up papers and notes, but you will also have the possibility of completing the decor of your room with various accessories and modular furnishings, creating real wall units.

KalaMitica+ accessories were designed precisely with the aim of creating design-oriented magnetic walls. With their simple and essential lines and the elegance of black and white, they are able to adapt to any furnishing style, expressing their full potential in modern and contemporary style environments. 

With the L-shaped steel magnetic shelf by KalaMitica+, you can create a large wall-mounted bookcase or a tall and narrow bookcase, exploiting a niche in the wall: it will look like your books are standing on their own on the walls!

KalaMitica+ steel magnetic container, on the other hand, is ideal for housing aromatic or indoor plants, creating large modular and easy-to-maintain green walls, or simply for adding a touch of green to an empty corner in the home or office. Solid and resistant, this steel magnetic container can also be used as a bottle holder in the kitchen or as a capacious storage box for any kind of objects.

Moreover, our magnetic clock: is a must-have accessory in every room of the house, adding more charm to the simple act of checking the time.

Lastly, depending on your needs, you can add the accessories you prefer: coat hangers for the entrance, magnetic pins to fix notes and drawings, photo frames for your family pics...

Solutions that will add character and personality to your environments, and that you can renew and modify as you wish by simply detaching and reattaching the various accessories whenever you want.

So, what are you waiting for? Be inspired by our ideas and by this small photo gallery and make your own magnetic wall!

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