How and why was KalaMitica+ born?

It was all thanks to you!

That's right: together we learnt that you can do a lot of things thanks to magnetic attraction.

We are always excited to see the many ideas and solutions that one can create.

But now we want to do more!


Last year we started working on new products.

We wanted them to be even more innovative, modular, functional and design-oriented.

Larger chalkboards, more magnetic shelves and more modular containers, with a greater capacity and attraction force than those you already know and appreciate.

Products that can offer furniture solutions that you can completely customise for your kitchen, your bedroom, your office, for the entrance and living room of your home.

Functional furniture, where everything you need remains tidy and within easy reach.

You can change your walls and have fun surprising your guests with new solutions every day.

KalaMitica + is...

+ space

Change your perspective: create new vertical space and free up worktops.

+ modularity

Combine the accessories to suit your needs and your space.

+ functionality

Keep everything you need always in order and at hand.

+ force

The powerful neodymium magnets ensure a strong and secure hold over time.

+ design

Enhance your walls with the style and elegance of 'Made in Italy' products.

...and much more! !

Do you want to learn more? Visit the dedicated page or download the brochure!

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