We have talked a lot about what message to convey for these upcoming Christmas holidays.

We know that, unfortunately, today Christmas has become more of a commercial event.

As we also have an online shop, we cannot deny that the Christmas season is very important in terms of sales.

But that is no excuse for not rediscovering the ancient spirit of this holiday together.

This year, we will probably be able to celebrate with friends and family again, exchanging gifts in person.

We would like to tell you why gifts are exchanged, with a little historical background.

In ancient Roman times, 25 December was celebrated as "Natalis Solis Invicti".

On this date, which coincided with the winter solstice, the birth of the new Sun was celebrated.

Even slaves were invited to the table of their masters, from whom they received gifts.

The pagan tradition of exchanging gifts took on new meanings with the birth of Jesus and the gifts brought by the shepherds.

Therefore, even today the exchange of gifts should have a deep, not trivial, meaning.

In depictions of the nativity by famous artists we always see the baby Jesus shining in his own light, a sign of the connection to the pagan festival and the birth of the new sun.

For Christians, the birth of Jesus is comparable to the sun, because he brought new light to this earth with his messages of love.

We have enjoyed talking to you about gifts, about the sun and light: we all need them after these dark years.

No matter if you are a believer or not, we like to think that the sun can shine again in your homes and in your hearts.

That is why KalaMitica Christmas is and will be a "Christmas...Naturally”.

Focusing on plants and greenery, which are so dear to us, we want to share with you a message that brings us back to nature, that can positively transform all our energy into the environment that surrounds us.

A message that speaks of the little things that make us feel good in our daily lives, which we can take care of while keeping our worries at bay.

We hope that nature can also enter your homes, bringing well-being and serenity.

Best wishes from the whole KalaMitica team!

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