In recent years, bringing nature indoors has become a real trend, filling our homes with all kinds of plants!

We have already seen why it is important to keep plants indoors and how it is possible to do so in an innovative way with a green wall.

KalaMitica was also created with the aim of bringing greenery into every room and, with its wide range of containers and cachepots, can help you create an original and easy-to-maintain green wall.

But which plants should you choose to create an indoor green wall in your kitchen, living room or office?

Let’s find out together!

1. Three plants for a living wall in the kitchen

We often have many things in the kitchen and it may not be so easy to find space for plants.

But don't worry: you don't need to have a huge kitchen!

Even in a small kitchen, you can create a green corner using vertical space to make the room even warmer and more welcoming.

For a vertical garden in your kitchen, we have chosen three types of lush green plants that are suitable for different light, temperature and humidity conditions.

A green wall with aromatic plants in a bright kitchen

We want to start with aromatic plants, which not only add flavour and make our dishes special, but also delight our eyes and sense of smell.

Aromatic plants such as basil, mint and rosemary are ideal in a bright kitchen with large windows. They need a lot of light to grow strong and robust.

Moreover, they need to be watered regularly to facilitate the growth of new leaves to replace the ones you use for cooking.

If they are kept warm and in the right position, they will provide you with fresh leaves and an intense aroma even during the coldest months!

Of all KalaMitica magnetic cachepots and containers, we recommend the 15 cm Boule, perfect for holding even the largest pots.

A vertical garden in a humid kitchen: the Boston Fern (Nephorolepis exaltata)

The Boston fern is an evergreen plant, which stands out due to its lush, ruffled foliage made up of many small, light green leaves.

The Boston fern can also live happily in environments that are not very bright, as long as the right level of humidity is maintained.

For this reason, it needs to be watered often, keeping the soil moist even in winter; in addition, the leaves can be sprayed daily, preferably using non-calcareous water.

Finally, it is an excellent ally for absorbing formaldehyde and other pollutants that can be released by the use of detergents, cigarette smoke or cooking fumes.

Plants for vertical green walls: Pothos for a kitchen that is not very bright

Pothos is one of the most popular and appreciated plants, thanks to its great resistance to almost anything.

It can withstand lack of water and a variety of light and temperature conditions: it will not judge you if you forget about it for a few days!

What's more, being a climbing plant, it is very versatile: you can grow it vertically, giving it a few supports here and there, or you can place it on top of your green wall. In this way, its large green leaves will fall elegantly on your wall.

And if that's not enough, Pothos is also one of the plants that help us most to purify the air in our homes by absorbing and filtering substances such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and benzene.

2. Flowering plants for a colourful green wall in your living room

For your living room green wall, we have selected three plants with colourful and lively flowers, which will add a touch of cheer to the room.

Be careful, however, that the flowers and the cachepots match the room and furniture colours. Otherwise, your room will look chaotic!

Plants for a green wall in the living room: Anthurium

If you like flowers with a special shape and bright, intense colours, Anthurium is the plant for you.

Its flowers are usually red, white or pink, with different shades depending on the species.

However, it is a rather delicate plant, so it needs a little extra care: it is very sensitive to temperature changes and draughts. Therefore, it should not be placed near radiators or other heat sources, nor near doors or windows that are opened frequently.

It also suffers if it is over-watered, so please make sure that there is no water stagnation, which could cause the roots to rot.

If you consider these small precautions and fertilise it every 15-20 days, it will give you flowers all year round.

If you think you don’t have a green thumb, you could choose a Spathiphyllum, whose flowers are quite similar (although less colourful), but which needs less care.

Plants for a green wall in the living room: Orchid

Here is the Orchid, the most beautiful and elegant of all flowers!

There are many different species, but if you are a beginner, we recommend the classic Phalaenopsis or Cymbidium, which are more resistant to our climates and easier to grow.

Place it in a warm and luminous environment, give it a suitable fertiliser and just wait for its wonderful flowers to open!

We won’t deny it: with its elegance and its spectacular flowers, Orchid is our favourite plant!

That’s why we've called one of our most popular cachepot after it: the 12 cm diameter 'Orchid' Boule!

Plants for a green wall in the living room: Begonia

This perennial tropical plant can be grown both outdoors and indoors.

Like Orchids, Begonias also require bright shade and can suffer if placed in direct contact with the sun's rays. Therefore, only place it near a window if there are curtains thick enough to filter the light during the hottest hours.

As a succulent, Begonia can retain and store large amounts of water in its leaves, but it is always best to water it only when the soil is completely dry.

Depending on the species, its flowers can have different colours and different flowering periods, but their delicate scent is said to promote relaxation.

Finally, Begonia is considered a symbol of gratitude and hospitality. That is why it is a great gift to bring when you are invited for dinner by friends or relatives!

3. Air-purifying plants for a green wall in a modern office

A green wall in the office will help you create a more relaxed environment, while also increasing concentration and productivity.

For your office green wall, we have chosen three particularly elegant plants perfect for a modern décor. You will always make a great impression in video conferences!

Finally, all these plants are valuable allies in purifying indoor environments from all air pollutants, which can also be released by photocopiers and printers.

Plants for a green wall in the office: Sansevieria trifasciata

Don't be intimidated by its name: the "Mother-in-law's Tongue" is one of the most popular and most effective plants for purifying indoor air!

It is an evergreen plant that doesn't need much attention: it can even withstand lack of water and light for a long time.

With its tall leaves, it can be placed at the bottom of your green wall, so that you can admire it in all its beauty, giving character and personality to your environment.

Plants for a green wall in the office: Aloe vera

Here is the “healthiest” indoor plant, Aloe Vera.

In addition to its well-known herbal and cosmetic properties, this plant also helps to absorb substances such as benzene and formaldehyde.

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant, which means that it does not require frequent watering and loves bright locations.

Be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight, however, as this may cause its leaves to turn red.

Plants for a green wall in the office: Pilea peperomioides

Also known as the "Chinese money plant", this plant has become very popular these past years all over social media and blogs thanks to the unusual shape of its leaves, which are shiny and rounded like large coins.

For this reason, it is said to bring good luck and wealth: a perfect plant for wishing success at work!

To ensure that your Pilea peperomioides flourishes like your business, remember to place it in a bright place (but away from direct sunlight) and to water it only when the soil is completely dry. Then, empty the saucer to avoid water stagnation.

It's time to get to work!

Now that you have discovered all the ideal plants for a green wall in the kitchen, living room and office, you are ready to start designing your own indoor green wall!

Choose the boards and magnetic pots that you like most: in our online shop, you will find many different shapes, colours and sizes - you'll be spoilt for choice!

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