Creating time...quite a challenge!

How often do we say or hear "I don't have time", "I'd like to do it but I don't have enough time", "I can't today, I have very little time" and a thousand other (more or less fanciful) variations on the theme.

With the new magnetic clock, KalaMitica wants to stimulate and provoke.

Stimulate your imagination and provoke by giving a positive message: even time can be created!

We like to think that we can give a different meaning to time, a time that we ourselves can create, without just having to deal with its inexorable flow.

A subtle provocation to remind us to take time for ourselves, to devote ourselves to what we love most without always doing everything in a hurry.

An innovative clock that can become, why not, a gift with a profound meaning, to wish those we love to be able to "create time" for the things that make us feel good, for the family, for good food, for friends.

Like the other KalaMitica products, we have designed it following the ideas of modularity and design.

The aim is to leave you free to create your own exclusive and completely personal clock.

A simple object can open up infinite possibilities: just leave room for creativity!

Time becomes a stimulating game, allowing you to change it whenever you want.

Do you like nature? Then you can mark the hours with plants.

Do you like aphorisms and quotations? With a simple liquid chalk marker, you can write whatever comes to your mind.

Do you like design? The clock, in its essentiality, becomes an object to be exhibited, accompanied by simple magnetic pins.

But…you can choose!

Unleashing your imagination, you can use anything you like: shells or bottle tops, fridge magnets from your travels, photos...without any imposition, just a blackboard to be filled with what you want and a magnetic clock to be moved as you like!

So what are you waiting for? Click here to discover our new magnetic clock!

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