A new adventure begins! Let me introduce myself and tell you what this blog will be about.

Hello, my name is KalaMitica!

I'm always securely attached to blackboards, railings, fridges and anything that contains iron.

Iron really attracts me so much and I struggle to detach myself from it!

I will soon be 10 years old and through this blog I will share with you my daily life.

Although I am still very young, I have already had the opportunity to travel to many countries, enter many homes and live many experiences around the world.

My aim will be precisely to tell you the stories I have lived, also through your photos and your solutions.

You already know that my great passion is freeing up the space from your tables, desks, bedside tables, floors to bring everything vertically.

But I also like plants a lot and it's fantastic when together with them I help improve the air in the house ... I was born from this idea, but I'll talk about this later.

In this blog I will write about my interests and what I'm passionate about or what strikes me, trying not only to give my personal point of view, but also to introduce you to the KalaMitica company. What we like, what we do, what inspires us every day to improve ourselves ... I know you are curious: my stories will attract you like a magnet to a magnetic board!

I will take this new adventure as a challenge, with the hope that the blog can become a place for civil and constructive discussion, where we can exchange ideas and opinions.

Now tell me, what topics would you like read about in the blog?

I hope to give and receive ideas to share and discuss with you.

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