I am Antonio Sgaravatti, co-founder of this company, in which I have been working for years, not only to sell good quality products, but also to convey the values in which I believe.

What made me write this blog?

Our website has a ever-increasing number of visits and I would like to give space to ideas, share them and start debates on different topics through this project, so as to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves.

A space to seek together solutions to the many problems that we encounter daily in the workplace and in the social sphere, seen from a perspective whereby the epochal change that we are experiencing can become something positive, a stimulus in creating new ideas.

Starting from this, we are also moving to give visibility and support some excellent Made in Italy companies, which you will soon find on our website.

Realities like those of small artisans, in our opinion, are a heritage that must be defended and valued, because it is through their ability to create something beauty, they export the Made in Italy in the world.

The changes in distribution brought by the Internet, have found most of these small and medium sized entrepreneurs unprepared, who have difficulty in promoting themselves correctly. Through our distribution channels and our expertise in online sales, we believe we can help in these difficult situations. Perhaps we will not be able to bring great changes, those unfortunately do not depend only on us but it is through small gestures, small daily attentions, that our lives and those of those close to us are improved.

In Italy we certainly know how to create excellence, but we also want to be able to promote it: this is the challenge that awaits us.

Today more than ever we need positive examples, beautiful stories, which help to feel good. Unfortunately, the newspapers never deal with it, but we must remember that it is only from the best that one can draw an example, not from the worst.

We must learn to use technology to the best to create real content, to exchange opinions, to face and share problems by trying to find solutions. We are used to seeing problems, we are all very good at looking for the culprits who created them, but we are not trained to find solutions.

We need a creative vision to find them, a thought that goes beyond current patterns and forms.

When in my company someone find a solution to a problem, their eyes shine, they feel important for the group, they increase their self-esteem and are more confident in their work. They are happy. Happiness arises precisely from small things, from those few important moments for oneself and others where a result, a joke, a dinner, a glass with friends, or even a heated philosophical discussion is shared.

This space was born precisely from this, because I believe there is a need for positive sharing and new content.

No controversy is allow, because they are not needed.

No vulgarity.

No space will be given to absolutism, which does not help the debate.

Over the years I have learned that a good product, as a good conversation, comes from a good idea.

The final result is a continuous adjustment of the idea, in order to improve it.

Good conversation to all of you. It will be a pleasure to discuss with you.

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