How was KalaMitica born?

Today I don't want to talk about myself, but I would like to tell how I was born.

I'll interview my dad, who has designed me and my brothers, the magnetic containers, and has taken care of us in these 10 years. Do now don't tell me I'm selfish!

You will get to know him better in the coming months.

KalaMitica: "What have encouraged you to create me?"

Antonio Sgaravatti: "Dear KalaMitica, when you were born 10 years ago, I was creating this project in which I still believe a lot: bringing plants that purify the air in every indoor environments.

There were many scientific studies, also by the N.A.S.A., which showed how some plants have this extraordinary ability to absorb and metabolize substances harmful to humans. "

K: "Wow"

A.S.: "Yes, but we will talk about it later ... This is a topic that I would like to tell you, because many people will want to know which plants have these characteristics.

Anyway, I had a problem ... In the most polluted environments of the house, like the bathroom and the kitchen, the horizontal surfaces are few and no one knows where to put the plants! So I thought it would be convenient to have the possibility of placing them vertically, thanks to our magnetic pots.

So we have started collaborating with a nearby company that co-printed the resin and made heels for women's shoes. I asked them if it was possible to print a magnet, instead of the metal pin that fits into the shoe's heel.

At the beginning, we had to solve some technical problems, but we managed them and thus patented the production process, which we still use today.

When you were born, you were not so beautiful, you never stood still... but you were a really nice cube!

Day after day your skills improved and you kept clinging to blackboards with less difficulty. Maybe one day I will also talk to you about how the idea of magnetic chalkboard is born, which complete our project and give life to a "magnetic system".

Eventually, the time came and we introduced yourself to society. It was a real success and no one could remain indifferent to your magnetic charm!"

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