Does producing quality mean being sustainable?

In this article, we would like to share with our customers how we work and how we strive for the best possible quality for our products.

We believe that quality is not only about the product itself, but also about respecting the environment and the people who work.

That is why we want to be transparent about how we produce our magnetic chalkboards.

Firstly, all our chalkboards are produced in Italy, thus creating wealth and employment for our country.

Moreover, in the choice of raw materials and during the entire manufacturing process, we comply with the European REACH directives, which regulate the production and use of chemical substances.

These regulations are really important for the protection of the environment, as well as for the health of all the people who make and buy our products.

Starting with the raw material, steel, which must not contain dangerous metal residues, we arrive at the powder coating process.

Why do we choose this kind of coating?

The reason is very simple: by using powder coating, we don’t use solvents, which means that we are environmentally friendly.

Conventional liquid paint, in fact, contains up to 70% solvents. These substances either evaporate during application and drying, releasing so-called “Volatile Organic Compounds” (VOC) and polluting the air, or are diluted and collected in wastewater during post-painting washing operations.

With powder coating, on the other hand, virtually all excess paint is recovered inside the painting booth itself and the reused.

In addition to reducing paint waste by 99%, no pollutants are released into the atmosphere or water.

Lastly, powder coating helps to reduce significantly the risk of fire and of health hazards for workers, since they do not release VOCs that could become inflamed or be breathed.

We also aim to create durable products

That’s why we choose to make sturdy chalkboards that won’t be spoilt after few uses.

Even the large chalkboards we have designed for schools, in collaboration with Epson Italia’s Education department, respect the equation “durable product = environmental sustainability”.

Firstly, the powder coating used for the dry-erase chalkboards is an anti-graffiti paint, which means that if permanent markers are used by mistake, the board can be cleaned with suitable products.

Secondly, should the chalkboard be accidentally scratched or damaged, it can be reused simply by unscrewing four screws and turning it around on the opposite side.

The two surfaces are in fact identical and have the same aesthetic and functional characteristics.

Finally, all our boards are packaged in recyclable, FSC-certified cardboard.

Quality = durable product = less waste = environmental sustainability

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