How nice is it to enter a room decorated with plants? When we are surrounded by plants, we are more in harmony with the environment and with ourselves.

That's why in this article we want to give you some tips for decorating our houses with plants.

But not just any plants!

We have chosen some small plants that are very easy to take care of, perfect for beginners who want to start decorating their home with a touch of green.

We are talking about cacti and succulents…in an adorable mini version!

Plants that do not need you to have a green thumb and that, with a few simple tricks, will make your home more beautiful.

How? Read on to find out!


1. Furnish and decorate the kitchen with mini cacti

2. Furnish the living room with small succulents

3. Furnish and decorate the bathroom with small succulents and Tillandsia

4. Furnish and decorate the bedroom and the desk with small succulents

5. KalaMitica succulents: care tips, complete guide

1. Furnish and decorate the kitchen with mini cacti

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most lived-in place in the house: embellishing the walls with small succulents will make it even more welcoming.

The mini cacti will live well in a warm and bright environment such as the kitchen and will make family lunches and dinners more pleasant.

To decorate the kitchen with mini cacti, the key word is “recycling”!

Unleash your creativity and use (or rather, reuse) old tin cans, small wooden boxes and glass jars. Give a new life to the packages of biscuits, tea, preserves, legumes, jams: clean them and fill them with soil or some pebbles, et voilà!

A creative and zero-cost solution, that will also give you the possibility to customize your creations with lettering, drawings, stickers and coloured short, a perfect idea for DIY lovers!

Alternatively, take some old mismatched cups or a slightly chipped cup, and use them as vases for your small succulents.

You will display them once again with pride even if they are all different from each other!

Once you have found the suitable pots for your mini plants, where can you place them?

The internal window sills will be the ideal place: bright at the right point, you will be able to enjoy your beloved plants and the view from the window at the same time!

Alternatively, put your jars all in a row on a shelf or a small piece of furniture: you can create an original composition using vases of different materials, colours and heights.

Just be careful to leave enough space between one plant and another and not to put too much weight on each shelf.

Finally, using a blackboard and some magnetic vases, you can create a small vertical green wall, where you can also write the shopping list or the menu of the day.

Needless to say, this is the solution we like best!

After all, this is precisely the concept of KalaMitica Magnetic System: free up the horizontal surfaces and create equipped green walls, easy to maintain and, why not, also writable!

And to decorate the dining table?

Here are two ideas for decorating your table with succulents:

- as nice centrepieces, instead of the more traditional floral arrangements. You can choose a large vase or bowl, perhaps made of glass, in which to place different types of plants. Or you can create a linear composition, arranging small vases along the entire length of the table. Just be careful to use suitable pots or clean pot saucers, so as not to risk getting the tablecloth dirty with mud!

- as a placeholder for a special event. A simple but highly effective idea, which will surely amaze everyone. At the end of the party, then, you can give them to your guests as tokens of your appreciation to thank them for coming. If this is the case, choose a different plant and/or pot for each guest; also find a suitable package to allow your guests to take the plant home without damaging it and without pricking their fingers!

2. Furnish the living room with small succulents

The living room is the room where guests are usually received; therefore, it is the central point of the house, the most representative place.

And it is precisely here that the mini cacti find their ideal place.

With sufficiently large containers or bowls, you can create mini Zen gardens. Even if they are small, taking care of these plants will calm your mind and refresh your spirit.

If you choose a container made of glass, you will also see what’s inside of it, and have fun creating different layers with soil and pebbles of various colours and sizes. Then place your cactus arrangement in the centre of the tea table: you will amaze all your guests!

Alternatively, place your plants on the bookshelves: on the market, there are many types of vases, for all styles, colourful and fun, minimal and total white, in terracotta or ceramic...

Choose your favourites and decorate your reading corner or your sitting area with small succulents.

But what if all the tables, furniture and shelves in the living room are already occupied? Well, a small portion of the wall and a magnetic chalkboard are enough to create a vertical green wall!

The possibilities are practically endless, and you will enhance and give new life to every corner of your house.

You can arrange your collection of mini cacti on the walls and, if you are afraid of forgetting the name of some plant, you can write it directly on the blackboard with a chalk or a liquid chalk marker.

3. Furnish and decorate the bathroom with small succulents and Tillandsia

You may have never thought about it, but the bathroom could also be a great place where to grow a few small cacti.

The important thing is to pay attention to the amount of light that your plants will receive: we therefore advise against keeping succulents in a bathroom without windows or with low light.

If you love minimalism, just place some mini succulent plants near the sink or on a small shelf.

They will give a touch of green to the room, but without exaggerating.

Alternatively, hang your plants on a magnetic board. By adding some other magnetic accessories, you will have a new space-saving cabinet to keep creams, make-up, brushes and everything we use daily in the bathroom at hand.

And if your bathroom is particularly humid and not too bright and you fear that your succulents may suffer, here an alternative solution: the Tillandsia, also known as Air Plants.

These plants are typical of rainforests, so they will do great even in more shady and humid rooms.

In addition, they are epiphytic plants, that is, they live without soil! You can simply place them wherever you have a little space, on top of shelves or cabinets. Through their leaves, they will absorb all the necessary nourishment and moisture from the air.

Finally, numerous scientific studies show that Tillandsia help purify the air in domestic environments by absorbing particles of pollutants, such as those released by furniture paints or cleaning detergents.

In short, some real "air purifier"!

4. Furnish and decorate the bedroom and the desk with small succulents

Many believe it is dangerous to keep plants in the bedroom. It is true, at night, plants consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide, but the amount of CO2 emitted is so small that it cannot damage our health in any way.

If you are still not convinced, we will add that some plants have the ability to purify the air, absorbing harmful substances and releasing oxygen even at night.

Among these, we also find numerous succulent plants, such as aloe or sansevieria: therefore, no problem keeping your collection of mini cacti in the bedroom!

Also, taking care of a few plants before going to sleep promotes calm and relaxation, helping you to rest better.

To bring an exotic touch to your bedroom, just place a few small vases on the bedside table. In this way, every day you will wake up with your favourite plants next to you!

If the bedside table is already full of things or you don’t want to risk poking yourself while, still half-sleepy, you try to pick up the phone or glasses, you can create a "vertical" bedside table with the help of a magnetic board. To furnish the bedroom, we recommend our shaped chalkboards, with their particular and original design.

If you want to decorate the children's room with succulents, however, it is better to avoid thorns altogether; therefore, choose plants such as Haworthia or Aloe.

For those who usually study or work in the bedroom, plants can be of real help: according to numerous studies, in fact, keeping a few plants on or near the desk increases productivity and concentration and helps relieve stress.

Additionally, cacti are also said to be able to capture and eliminate electromagnetic waves generated by electronic devices.

One more reason to keep them close to your mobile phone and computer!

And if you think you don't have enough time to devote to your plants, fear not: small succulents don't need a lot of care.

KalaMitica succulents: care tips, complete guide

Read the chart with our care tips for KalaMitica's succulents and Tillandsia, or download it as a PDF file!

  KalaMitica succulents: care tips, complete guide  KalaMitica succulents: care tips, complete guide  KalaMitica succulents: care tips, complete guide

  KalaMitica succulents: care tips, complete guide  KalaMitica succulents: care tips, complete guide

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