In 2021, we will face our business with three eyes!

The first will look at the environment.

The second to the social sphere.

The third will pay attention to the economic aspect.

The goal is to make a sustainable business.

People, Planet and Profit : this is how we see the future.

We started working on this project in March 2020.

Not everything went as we would have liked...we know that along the way we made and we will make mistakes, but we are human.

However, we continue to try, and as Walt Disney wrote, “Think, believe, dream and dare”.

What will be the guidelines we have thought to achieve this ambitious goal?

1) We will share what we have learned working on the Web, thanks to our customers, and we will do this through a website dedicated to all those who want to resell our products

2) We will support our partners with dedicated customer service, according to their product sector.

3) With complete transparency, we will constantly keep in touch with those who want to contribute to our project through a brand new management software in the cloud. Everything will take place online, to allow everyone to work from home, avoiding unnecessary travel.

4) We will design and create many new products, together with our production partners in Italy.

5) Through the Web, we will enhance the already solid export turnover, even in non-European countries.

6) Finally, we will present new large and interactive whiteboards, intended for face-to-face and remote teaching.

An ambitious project, aimed at different sectors and distribution channels: a project we believe in.

For the Home, many new solutions for the entrance, kitchen, bathroom, living room, study and bedroom, with an eye to indoor greenery

For Workplaces, a range of new products dedicated to meeting rooms and offices

For Gift Shops, many innovative ideas to attract new customers and surprise the old, while adding a touch of colour to the shop.

For Companies and Businesses, the possibility to create promotional products, with fully customized and personalized items.

For Garden Centres, our solutions to create a perfect green corner with succulents, aromatic plants and indoor plants in general.

For Bars, Restaurants & Hotels, many ideas for a fresh start, also by renovating spaces.

For Schools, various solutions for face-to-face and remote teaching.

For all our Customers, the possibility to meet any need with our bespoke and custom-made chalkboards.

A lot of work awaits us, but with a common goal and dream: to restart together, aware that, today, it is not the strongest who wins, but those who collaborate and work together.

If you believe that the challenges we are all facing may turn into an opportunity, we too want to be part of it.

Let's dare together!

Write to and we will contact you as soon as possible, sending you a more detailed presentation of our B2B project.

We wish everyone a good start to the year and a fabulous 2021.

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