Why is it useful to have a magnetic chalkboard at home? Here are 10 ideas to make the most of it!

In addition to decorating our home in a particular way, magnetic chalkboards can be very useful and versatile, and can help us in everyday life.

In this article, we will give you 10 original ideas to make the most of your magnetic chalkboard: these suggestions are always valid, but will be useful especially in this period when we stay more often at home, to organize remote work and education…and, why not, also to chase away boredom!

1. Teaching online with a magnetic board

Okay, nowadays many applications and online platforms allow you to write and draw on the screen of PCs and tablets as if it were a real blackboard.

But for the more "nostalgic" among you, a magnetic board can be the perfect solution for teaching online just as if you were in the classroom!

The classic glossy whiteboard is perfect for writing, erasing and rewriting in a quick way, without the need for detergents or damp cloths.

But also all the other magnetic boards by KalaMitica are easy to write and to erase, whether you use the classic chalks, or you choose to use liquid chalk markers, so as not to make too much dust.

2. Studying and reviewing with a magnetic board

English, maths, geometry, history and geography...whatever your children's Achilles heel is, a magnetic board will help them clear their minds. How?

In this case, too, liquid chalk markers will help, allowing you to write diagrams, bullet points, dates, names and keywords.

By using different colours, you will be able to memorize everything faster, and so going over for tests and exams will be easier and, why not, even more fun!

3. Playing with a magnetic chalkboard

After so much studying, it's finally time to play!

Do you know how to play “Hangman”? It's a very simple game, that we all played as children at school.

This is just one of the many games that you can play with the whole family using a magnetic board!

Another example? The famous Pictionary, whose purpose is to make a word guess just by drawing it, before the set time runs out.

Or the classic Tic-tac-toe, perfect for spending some time when there are only two players.

Finally, just draw a target to have fun throwing magnetic darts, easily available online.

With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless: by attaching some magnetic containers of different sizes, such as KalaMitica's Cubes and Boules, you can have fun throwing paper balls and playing basketball!

We leave you the choice of how to spend the cold winter evenings indoors, the important thing is to play and have fun!

4. Working from home with a magnetic chalkboard

It is easy to say “remote work”, but often those who work from home have to deal with lack of space and mess everywhere.

This is why it is important to make the most of the space available; for example, by freeing up the horizontal surfaces and moving in vertical everything you need. All of this with the help of a blackboard and some magnetic accessories.

A sufficiently large blackboard will then allow you to reserve some space to write down the appointments and goals of the day, thus helping you to organize your work.

An example? Here below is a space-saving solution, specifically designed for those who work from home.

5. Organizing your days with a magnetic board

When you are stay at home, all days seem the same and it's easy to forget about commitments, deadlines and birthdays.

For this reason, a magnetic chalkboard can help you organize the days of the whole family, writing down the commitments and tasks of each, but without forgetting to dedicate time to play and leisure!

Sitting at the table all together, to decide each other's tasks and commitments, will be a moment of sharing for the whole family and will become a beautiful tradition to be maintained in the future!

6. Creating a bulletin board with a magnetic chalkboard

In these months, holidays and pleasure trips are just a memory, but we can take advantage of this period to rethink about past beautiful experiences and create a travel memory board.

The magnetic chalkboard will allow you to attach all your souvenir magnets and photos, children's drawings, concert and show tickets…in short, anything that brings to your mind a happy memory!

7. Creating a green wall with a magnetic chalkboard

It may seem extremely complex and difficult to make, but a metallic board and some magnetic cachepots will be enough to create a vertical garden even in your home.

Whether you like aromatic plants, succulents or small houseplants, the important thing is to bring some green and liveliness inside your home!

It is scientifically proven, in fact, that taking care of plants helps to cheer not only the eyes, but also the mind...and in a period like this, we definitely need it!

8. Keeping fit with a magnetic board

In the last few months, with the gyms closed and the huge amount of homemade pizzas, many will have accumulated a few extra pounds!

However, being in lockdown does not mean giving up healthy eating and training, even if at home.

A magnetic blackboard can then become useful for writing down the menu of the week, thus avoiding boredom eating. This will also help you plan your weekly shopping more in advance, so you won’t have to go to the supermarket every day.

And for those who practice sports, the blackboard will be useful to mark your schedule for the workouts and exercises to be done every day.

So you will also be more motivated to continue and you will keep an eye on your progress!

9. Keeping everything in order with a magnetic chalkboard

Keeping the house clean and tidy is always difficult, especially now that we stay at home more often.

We suggest you attach some magnetic containers and hangers to your blackboard, so as to free up space on tables, coffee tables and inside drawers: think of coins, keys and receipts in the entrance, pens and pencils on the desk, ladles, cutlery and various utensils in kitchen, make-up and jewelry in the bathroom...

The house will be tidier and your mood will improve too!

10. Drawing and writing on a magnetic chalkboard

Free your imagination!

Children will love having a large surface at their complete disposal for writing and drawing…and parents will be delighted to find no more writings and marks on the wall!

Adults too can have fun and relax: take some liquid chalk markers and create your works of art!

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