Whether your kitchen is modern or vintage, white or colorful, industrial or shabby chic, the problem is always the same: sooner or later, you will run out of space!

Both functional and visually appealing, a magnetic board can be the perfect solution to free up more storage and countertop space and reorganize your kitchen.

In this article, we will give you a guide to choose the magnetic board that best suits your kitchen.

1. Agenda and memo board: writing and drawing on a magnetic board

An easy and fun idea, also for children: magnetic chalkboards are perfect for writing and drawing, using ordinary chalks or liquid chalk markers.

What to write?

Everything you want, but above all everything you are afraid of forgetting: your shopping list, the appointments of the week, your mother-in-law's birthday, bills to pay. . .or also, simply, a sweet good morning message.

And for those who love organization, we suggest drawing a large monthly or weekly calendar, to be filled with the tasks and commitments of the whole family.

Once you have completed your task, erasing everything will not only be simple, but also super satisfying!

If you plan to use your board primarily for writing, we recommend a very large blackboard, so that you can have all the space you need!

Bespoke chalkboard

2. Writing recipes and menus on a magnetic board

If you love cooking, you could use the magnetic board to write the ingredients and steps of your favourite recipes, so that you won't have to search for them in cookbooks and you won't risk leaving fingerprints on your mobile phone screen!

If, on the other hand, you have a great memory, you can use your chalkboard to write the menu for a dinner with friends or to organize the meals of the week with the whole family.

3. Displaying photos and souvenir magnets on a magnetic board

Travelling is your passion?

Then you will surely have a great collection of souvenir magnets and photographs taken during your trips.

Many hang them on the refrigerator, but be careful, because several studies have shown that their magnetic field could damage your appliance!

Better then use a magnetic board for displaying all your souvenir magnets and your favourite travel photos!

Bespoke chalkboard

4. Creating a green wall with aromatic plants

Who doesn't like herbs?

Basil, rosemary, mint, oregano, thyme. . . a pinch of them is enough to make any dish special.

So why don’t you keep them in the kitchen, always at hand while you are cooking?

Just choose a suitable spot, well-lit and far from heat sources, and create your little aromatic garden!

Just hang a blackboard near a window, and attach some magnetic pot holders: of course, we recommend the Boules by KalaMitica, perfect for hosting your aromatic plants!

In this way, taking care of your plants will be easy and fast, and you will be able to make a dull and empty wall more cheerful.

If you like plants but don't have much time to devote to them, you could opt for Tillandsia (Air Plants) or succulents: you won't use them for cooking, but they will still make your rooms more lively!

5. Organizing an open pantry with magnetic chalkboards and clear containers

If every time you come back from shopping you never know where to put boxes and packages, you could think of organizing an original open pantry, using a chalkboard and some magnetic containers.

Obviously, you will have to remember the different expiration dates and be careful not to expose food directly to sources of light and heat, but the open pantry remains a very practical and highly effective solution.

This method will also allow you to always keep an eye on stocks . . .so you will immediately notice when someone tries to steal your favourite cookies!

To create an open pantry, just accessorize your board or a simple magnetic bar with some clear containers: you can store cookies, sugar, salt, coffee, pasta and anything else you want. . .and thanks to their lid, the aroma and fragrance of food will always remain intact.

6. Storing spices and seasonings

Whether you are a professional chef or a novice cook, spices should never be missing in your dishes.

So here's how to organize a small corner dedicated to them: just keep the spices in suitable glass vials, to be placed inside the magnetic cubes thanks to our special vial holders.

This way, you can have all your favourite spices at your fingertips, ready to be added to your recipes!

You can also write the name of the spices directly on the board with liquid chalk markers!

7. Decorative magnetic boards with original shapes

Who said that a blackboard has to be rectangular?

If you want to decorate your kitchen in a cheerful and original way, you may also consider placing a shaped chalkboard.

KalaMitica apple- and pear-shaped boards are perfect for decorating any kitchen, and kids will definitely love them!

8. Magnetic board as splashback behind the hob

Bizarre as it may seem, placing a magnetic board behind the hob is not such a strange idea!

On the contrary, it will help you to give more personality and character to your kitchen, creating a strong colour contrast with a vibrant feel.

The magnetic board will also help protect the wall from splashes and food residues, and cleaning it will be quick and easy.

What is more, you can use this surface to create a variety of compositions with some magnetic containers, and keep ladles and cutlery always at hand.

We suggest our 14 × 50 cm or 14 × 70 cm blackboards: with their narrow and elongated shape, you can create an original effect.

If, on the other hand, you want to cover a larger area, our 56 × 38 cm and 74 × 57 cm can be perfect for you, and if they are still not enough. . .well, we can always create a bespoke chalkboard for you!

Bespoke chalkboard

9. Hanging potholders and tea towels on a magnetic board

Not only ladles and cutlery: magnetic boards can also be useful for keeping potholders and tea towels in order.

Just attach a small blackboard to the wall, and with the help of some magnetic hooks you can organize your tea towels in an orderly manner, without keeping them all wrinkled.

Bonus: Cover the cooker hood

Here is an original idea, directly from one of our customers, to decorate the kitchen hood.

With our custom-made blackboards service, we can create a magnetic board exactly the size of the hood, choosing the colour that best matches your kitchen.

A valid alternative for those who want to decorate the kitchen with a magnetic chalkboard, but do not have enough space to hang it on a wall.

Bespoke chalkboard

If you still need some ideas, let yourself be inspired by our bundles: click here and discover all the solutions for your kitchen by KalaMitica!

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