What is the best chalkboard to furnish my home office?

Your desk is always messy and full of things?

Thanks to KalaMitica magnetic containers and chalkboards, making order and clearing your desk will be easy as one-two-three!

If you are still working from home, or are simply looking for some ideas to maximize the space in which you study or work, this is the right place for you.

Today we want to offer you some ideas for organizing a small office in your home: clear your desk, clear your mind!

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1. Our best selling magnetic boards: 56x38 cm and 74x57 cm

Organization and creativity, that’s the watchword!

Our best selling chalkboards 56×38 cm and 74×57 cm are perfect for decorating your home office and creating any composition you can think of.

That’s the best part: you can attach and detach the containers as you want and make your office look different every day!

Thanks to their large surface, these magnetic chalkboards for wall will allow you to use vertical space and clean up your desk, always keeping everything close at hand!

Among the must-have accessories, do not forget the liquid chalk markers to write your appointments, commitments, to-do lists...and at the end of the day, you can erase everything quickly and easily, with a simple damp cloth.

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2. Office whiteboards

If you want to use your board mainly for writing, you may be interested in our office dry-erase whiteboards, with a glossy white paint: writable with normal white chalkboard markers and easy to clean even with a dry cloth.

And, of course, you can have fun and decorate them with all the KalaMitica magnetic containers you prefer!

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3. Tabletop chalkboards: 14X50 cm and 14X70 cm with a wooden base

Smaller boards, but equally practical and functional!

If you don't have a lot of space or you don't want to hang anything on the wall, our magnetic boards 14×50 cm and 14×70 cm can also be placed directly on the desk.

How? It’s simple: thanks to their wooden base, they can be firmly placed on your table, both horizontally and vertically.

These long and narrow chalkboards are an ideal support for our magnetic containers, which you can attach on both sides, thus saving a lot of space on your desk!

In this way, everything you need to study or work will always be close at hand.

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4. KalaMitica magnetic containers

Speaking of containers, there are all shapes and sizes!

You can create a cheerful and colourful corner, or choose just a few colours and decorate your office in a sober and elegant way: the possibilities are endless!

Our cubes and cylinders are perfect to contain pens, pencils and markers, but also business cards, staples, staplers and all the stationery you use everyday.

If, on the other hand, you need something even larger and stable, the 22 cm bowls are perfect for you: ideal for holding notebooks and diaries, and thanks to their reinforced magnet you can place your tablet and mobile phone without any fear!

Cubi magnetici

5. The Note: the magnetic shelf by KalaMitica

Do you need even more space? Solid and resistant, our magnetic shelf will give you extra space, where you can place anything.

Moreover, in its cubes you can insert other objects or, why not, even small plants, to give a touch of green to your office!

Ufficio con KalaMitica

6. KalaMitica bespoke chalkboards

Haven't found anything yet? Do you have a space with special measures and you don't know how to fill it?

No problem! Thanks to our custom-made blackboards, you can customize your chalkboard as you prefer, choosing its shape, colour and size!

Visit the dedicated page on our website and find out how to create your personalized chalkboard!

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