We are an energetic and continuously developing company,
we believe in the power of creative ideas.

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Starting from a problem and thinking about the solution.
This is how KalaMitica was born!

The problem: Where can you put plants to purify the air in the kitchen and bathroom?

The solution: If there are no horizontal surfaces available in those rooms, let's create new space vertically!

This is the spirit we want to share with you, creating products that are useful, easy to use and 100% Made in Italy.

We believe in the importance of people and their ideas.
Creativity makes harmony grow.
We love seeing how an intuition turns into a product!
Ideas, studies, projects, difficulties and lots of mistakes are part of the game.

It’s easy to make mistakes, but when there’s passion to achieve a common goal, everything becomes possible.
Also the daily discussions help to improve, if we stay focused on the same goal. Even if we argue, we recognize the value of the people as the most important feature in the company.
Our company is a collection of very different people, but we believe that diversity is indeed a value: only through confrontation and respecting people are quality contents and products born.


We work every day with great passion and effort.


"An idea, a concept, an idea as long as it is an idea, it is only an abstraction, if I could eat an idea I would have made my revolution" Giorgio Gaber

We like Gaber, he was a great man and an example to follow, since, like him, we don’t want to be abstract, but give shape our ideas.

This is the way we like working, studying, designing.

We create and produce our products.

We don't always get them right, sometimes we don't like them or they are wrong, but something good, if we keep trying, comes along.

We usually start from the question: “How can I solve this problem?”, since most of the times it’s from the problem that comes the solution.

It’s always important to try, study, look for new inspirations. The final product is not always the best one, but the crucial thing is never give up.

We are not great inventors, our products don’t revolutionize the world, but we love working with local artisans and companies.

Putting together our creativity with their abilities, we shape ideas to create new products.


"It is with creativity and the products derived from it that value and wealth are created. Without the ability to think of new things and produce them, there would be no art and beauty". 

What is production if not the ability and competence to create material objects?

Here we are, producing together with our partners.

Internally we work, assemble, study and design the products; with partners, we cooperate in the industrial and production processes.

These artisans work a few kilometers from us. They have been chosen very carefully and they have to believe in the same values in which we believe: ethics and quality.

Production is completely Made in Italy, because we believe it is important to maintain the wealth and work where our solutions are born and we know how to produce them.


"Those who can, do; those who can't, teach" - Arthur Block

Marketing is full of teachers, but who should we listen to?

How confusing! How can you recognize a braggart from a serious professional?

So what? Marketing in business has to be done! Who to trust?

Do you like people that work, study, put effort in what they do, but make mistakes, as everyone does, knowing that they tried and put their best to accomplish the goal?

We are a bit like that, we prefer simple people to gurus.

Those willing to learn, to work, to try, to fail and again, study, try, work and so on.

We have learnt that marketing means hard work as well. And then, maybe, you come up with something good!

And what to communicate?
Nowadays, the best thing to communicate and share is the values in which we believe the most: honesty and transparency.

We hope that we are doing it well!


“Our greatest asset is the customer! Treat each customer as if they are the only one” - Laurice Leitao

There are no first-class or second-class customers.

Every customer have the same importance to us.

Our aim is to satisfy the customer in the best possible way and we never forget that the customer is a person.

Behind each request there’s always a person in need who asks our help and chooses to trust us.

Our motto is: Humanity, Sympathy and Friendliness.


Nowadays the biggest challenges are won with a carefully planned logistics, and we have to admit that it has been difficult to cope with the logistical complexity of these times.

Will we be able to satisfy the needs of private customers and distributors? It seems so!

Thanks to your reviews, which are a source of encouragement for us to get better every day!

Retail customers know that working with us means relying on a company with an organized warehouse, which is able to provide a just-in-time service.

Of course having different couriers, different shipping packaging solutions adds to the company's challenges, but we have worked hard and are satisfied.

What's more, the decision to adopt only recyclable and FSC-certified packaging was made in 2017.

A little step towards environmental sustainability.

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