"Which is the best chalkboard for my home?"

We often hear this question, especially when you call us for advice on choosing a chalkboard or some magnetic accessories.

Our proposal is very wide and varied, and it is not always easy to find the best solution for your needs.

Of course, much depends on your personal taste, but to make the right choice it is important to know what will be the main use of your chalkboard. The colour, size, shape of the board and its accessories will depend also on this.

For example, we usually suggest not overfilling the chalkboard with magnetic containers or accessories, as you would lose the opportunity to write on it. However, if you plan to create a green wall near a window, you won't need the space to write!

Are you still at a loss? Don't worry, we're here to help you choose the best solutions for every room in your home, and to give you new tips and ideas to make the best use of our products.

Today we’ll talk about the entrance hall.

Decorate your entrance hall in a modern style with magnetic boards

When you come back home, you never know where to hang coats and bags? Do you need a functional pocket emptier where you can put your wallet and phone?

First of all, we suggest choosing a fairly large chalkboard, like our 74x57 cm and 56x38 cm boards.

If you choose a big chalkboard for your entrance, you can also use some space to write messages on it, for those who will return home or are still sleeping. You can use both classic chalks and liquid chalk markers, for a colourful and always special "good morning"!

Furnishing a small hallway with little space: solutions with magnetic boards

And what if your entrance is small and not very spacious? Well, the answer is easy: you can hang a smaller chalkboard!

On our website, there are many different sizes and shapes, and you will certainly find the best solution for you. We recommend the 14x50 cm or 14x70 cm chalkboards: all the style and versatility of KalaMitica even in a small space!

Magnetic hangers for keys and jackets: the solution for a modern, minimalist and elegant entrance.

And the keys? We're sure you have thrown them on the first table that you found, or worse, in your bag, and you can no longer find them! But don't worry, we have the solution for this too. With our hangers of different shapes, even your keys will always be in order and close at hand.

If you are looking for a large pocket emptier, read here. We have some containers with an external magnet, so it will not demagnetize your credit cards or interfere with your mobile phone. Take a look at the 22 cm bowl or at our boules; thanks to their enhanced magnet, you will be able to fill them with whatever you want. 

It’s true, there is nothing better than a little touch of colour to liven up the entrance to the house, but be careful not to go too far. We prefer the elegance of few colours, three at most. In this way, you will have a cheerful but at the same time refined wall, of which you will certainly never be tired.

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