Glossy white

Large magnetic whiteboards with glossy white finish.       

Smooth surface, perfect for writing with dry erase markers without leaving stains or marks.

Easy to clean with a suitable eraser or with a soft cloth.

Compatible with interactive video projectors, they are ideal for intensive use in offices, meeting and conference rooms, schools and university classrooms.


Large magnetic blackboards, in anthracite colour.

Slightly rough surface, perfect for writing with chalk without leaving stains or marks.

Easy to clean with a suitable eraser or with a soft cloth.

Compatible with interactive video projectors, they are ideal for intensive use in schools, classrooms and universities.

Matte white

Large magnetic boards with matte white finish.

Smooth surface not suitable for writing, but ideal for use with interactive video projectors.

The matte surface does not create glare and reflections, ensuring maximum visibility of the projected images.

Ideal for schools, meeting rooms and conference rooms.

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Are you a company or a school administrator? Do you need writable magnetic chalkboards compatible with interactive video projectors for your meeting rooms, conference rooms, classrooms?

Are you simply looking for large magnetic chalkboards for your home or business?

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Design and elegant solutions

With their simple and essential lines, KalaMitica magnetic chalkboards are conceived as design objects that transform spaces.

Elegance and aesthetics, but without forgetting functionality: the installation spaced from the wall makes it possible to hide the projector power cables, without the need for additional masonry work.

Practical and functional solutions

We paid particular attention to simplifying transport and wall mounting operations.

For this reason, we chose to create two chalkboards to be placed side by side, instead of one, in order to reduce the weight and size of the product.

We also studied a pre-cut cardboard template, which simplifies the positioning operations and acts as a protection during transport.

Furthermore, the powerful magnets make the work considerably easier by supporting the weight of the chalkboards during installation.

Sustainable solutions

For KalaMitica, sustainability also means creating high-quality products, with durable materials that resist over time.

If the surface of the whiteboard should be accidentally damaged, it will be possible to turn the whiteboard and use the opposite side. The two surfaces are identical and have the same characteristics, both aesthetically and functionally.

Finally, all the packaging are made of recyclable and FSC-certified cardboard.

Watch the video to discover the innovative wall mounting system!

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