A welcoming
and well-organized
entryway is the best
business card
for your home!

A welcoming and well-organized entryway is the best business card for your home!

The entryway is the room that first welcomes us and our guests: but how can you make it more comfortable and functional, especially when you have little space?

Let yourself be inspired by KalaMitica practical space-saving solutions, suitable for all styles and budgets.

You can customize your composition in every detail, from the colours to the shapes of each magnetic accessory, choosing what best suits your decor.

Your keys always at hand

Don't leave your house or car keys in the chaos of your bag!

Better to always keep them in order and ready to picked up just before leaving, thanks to our nice shaped hangers.

These small solutions are ideal for enhancing a small hallway, also adding a touch of green to the environment.

Simple ideas, but of great impact.

Original design and functionality

If you are looking for something different from the classic rectangular blackboards, here are our square and heart or four-leaf clover shaped blackboards!

Perfect for placing small objects, to brighten up the environment with some plants, or to leave a sweet good morning message before leaving the house.

And with our steel holders, just insert a candle and a few scented sticks to create a truly special atmosphere!

Watchwords: practicality and hospitality!

These space-saving solutions will help you free up the flat surfaces, creating a tidier environment.

Our containers are super capacious and easy to detach and reattach whenever you want, to make the most of every inch of space.

The blackboard will give warmth and elegance to your entryway, making it more welcoming and refined.

Discover these ideas by KalaMitica and transform the entrance of the house from a simple "place of passage" to a real corner of design!

Haven't found what you were looking for yet?

Discover our whole range of Magnetic Chalkboards and Accessories!

Read our blog to discover new tips for decorating your home with KalaMitica:

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