Keep your office clean and organized:
tidy up your desk…and your mind!

Your desk is always cluttered and full of things?

Here are all our solutions to decorate and reorganise your workstation to study or work at home.

A wide range of magnetic boards and accessories to create new space on the desk, for young and old!

Keep your office clean and organized: tidy up your desk…and your mind!

Your desk is always cluttered and full of things?

Here are all our solutions to decorate and reorganise your workstation to study or work at home.

A wide range of magnetic boards and accessories to create new space on the desk, for young and old!


Do you want to free your desk once and for all?

Here is a complete kit to organize your study station or your office nook in an orderly way!

The 74 × 57 cm chalkboard is the ideal surface for any type of KalaMitica container; thanks to its large size, you will always have some space to write notes and to-do lists.

The magnetic cubes will also help you free your messy desk from pens, pencils and everything else!

In addition, thanks to the magnetic shelf you will have extra space to place any kind of object.

The nice little hook and and the small cube with Tillandsia will give a touch of liveliness to your office!

Choose from the many colour combinations available and renew your home office!


Are you looking for a solution to free your desk, without taking up too much space?

Here is a compact but extremely functional kit, designed to be placed directly on the table, thanks to a small wooden base.

Pens, pencils, cards and any other object will always be in order and at hand thanks to the KalaMitica chalkboards and magnetic containers!

Discover the new 9 × 24 cm Desk Organizer and 
choose from all the available color combinations . . . and say goodbye to your old messy desk!



You don’t know where to write your appointments and to-do lists?

Here are the magnetic boards with a white and glossy finish, dry erase and writable with ordinary whiteboard markers.

Perfect both at the office, for a professional usage, and at home, to write and rewrite everything you want and for all your "art attacks", without worrying about stains and halos!

And to better organize all your commitments, try our weekly planner, with its division into days and hours!

All our magnetic containers and accessories can be attached also to these whiteboards!


When you arrive at the office or come home from work or university you never know where to put your keys, bags and notes?

This is the kit for you!

The 56x38 magnetic chalkboard, one of our best selling products, is the perfect item to better organize the spaces near your desk.

The large and sturdy 22 cm bowl, then, will allow you to place notebooks and diaries for your notes and, why not, also your mobile phone and tablet!

Lastly, with the hangers you can arrange your keys, bag and jacket in an orderly and safe way!

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Search among all our available products and choose what you like most!

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