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How to order a bespoke chalkboard in 3 easy steps

Download and fill in the quotation form
- Discover all the possible customizations for your bespoke chalkboard.

- Download the quotation form and fill it in in all its parts, then send it as an attachment to
We will confirm the quotation or adjust it, depending on the requested customizations.

- Remember that it is not necessary to register on our website and it is not possible to add a bespoke chalkboard to the cart: contact us and we will follow you step by step!

- If you find any difficulty in downloading or filling in the form, please contact us at indicate your needs and we will make our best offer.
Choose the accessories for your chalkboard
- If you want to add some accessories to your chalkboard, we suggest not placing an order on our website.

- You can simply send us a list of the accessories you wish, so we will ship them together with the chalkboard and you will not pay the delivery fees twice!

- Please note that particular promotions or discount codes on the website can be applied only on the purchase of accessories, while they are not valid on bespoke chalkboards.
Confirm your order and proceed with the payment
- Once you have defined all the details together with our sales department and confirmed your order, it takes an average of 4-5 weeks to make a bespoke chalkboard.

- Usually, we do not require payment at the time of ordering, but only when the chalkboard is ready to be shipped. However, in case of particularly high amounts, our sales department reserves the right to request the payment of a deposit at the time of order confirmation.

- Once the chalkboard is ready and passes our quality test, we will ask you to proceed with the payment, which must be done exclusively by bank transfer. As soon as we receive your payment, we will ship your chalkboard!

Customizations available for your bespoke chalkboard


We can produce magnetic boards with a maximum size of 145 x 100 cm.

Do you need a larger chalkboard?

By using more panels we can reach the size you wish!


Six colours available:

  1. Charcoal
  2. Silver
  3. White
  4. Beige
  5. Weathering Steel
  6. Glossy White - for office

The steel chalkboards are treated with an anticorrosive coating and painted with pigmented epoxy/polyester powders.


With the use of laser cutting, we can customize the board as you wish, making it unique!

Thanks to this cutting technology, we can also create holes for electrical switches and sockets.

For more elaborate customizations, additional costs are to be determined depending on the complexity of the cut.


KalaMitica chalkboards can be fixed to the wall with screws and plugs (that we supply) or, if you don't want to drill holes, with a silicone glue.

Depending on the method you choose, we will make some holes suitable for screw fixing, or we will only make two small holes, necessary for the painting process.

Define the details of your chalkboard! You can choose whether to smooth the corners or leave them with sharp edges.

Download the file now to make a quote for your chalkboard!

Here are some of the chalkboards that we made for our customers!
And you, what are you waiting for?
Bring KalaMitica in your home with a bespoke magnetic chalkboard!

Haven't you seen our ready-made chalkboards yet?

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