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  • Steel magnetic board, 114 x 74 x 0.12 cm

  • Washable with a damp cloth and/or a soft cleaner

  • Can be fixed to the wall with the screws and dowels provided or with suitable glue

  • KalaMitica magnetic boards are the ideal holders for any kind of magnets and the whole range of KalaMitica products

  • Note: due to its large size and weight, this product incurs a shipping surcharge (from 25.00€)

PLEASE NOTE - two different types of white are available for this board:

  • FINE-TEXTURE WHITE (ref. 60074-905-114): slightly rough surface, writable with chalk and Securit liquid chalk markers.
  • MATT WHITE (ref. 60074-904-114): smoother surface, NOT writable, ideal for decorating with KalaMitica+ steel accessories.

  • There colours are different from the WHITE colour (ref. 900) of other products: Please check the name of the selected colour or the 3 central numbers of the product Reference when purchasing should you wish to buy boards of different sizes.

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  • Charcoal - with 80% recycled paint; writable with chalk and Securit liquid chalk markers.
  • Beige - writable with chalk and Securit liquid chalk markers.
  • Fine-Texture White - writable with chalk and Securit liquid chalk markers.
  • Matt White - PLEASE NOTE: The MATT WHITE colour available for this product is different from the classic WHITE of all KalaMitica boards. This board is NOT writable, but is ideal for use with KalaMitica+ steel accessories and with interactive projectors - the matt surface does not create glare and reflections, ensuring maximum visibility of the projected images.

ORGANIZE AND DECORATE YOUR HOME OR OFFICE USING WALLS: KalaMitica boards are the ideal support for the whole KalaMitica Magnetic System, a set of stylish and colorful magnetic containers and accessories to equip the walls of your home or office. The boards are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors to fit your needs and taste. Have fun and play with your magnetic wall!

UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY: display your souvenir magnets or create a magnetic spice rack in the kitchen. Provide your bathroom with storage for anything you need to keep at hand. Decor your living room with hanging plants and capable shelves. Complete your bedroom with a place to empty your pockets. Maintain your office in order with a desk tidy organiser built with our self-standing boards. KalaMitica provides the tools your imagination deserves to create the solutions you need.

MADE TO LAST AND KEEP MAGNETS: made of steel, treated with an anti-corrosive coating, and painted with pigmented epoxy/polyester powders, the KalaMitica boards are 100% designed and made in Italy. The panels do not have a magnetic field on their own. Instead, their ferromagnetic steel alloy is studied to maximise the strength of the permanent neodymium magnets used by the whole range of KalaMitica products and of the classic plastoferrite magnets used for souvenirs and other home accessories.

EASY TO INSTALL: You will be surprised how sturdy and rigid a KalaMitica board is, even if extremely thin. Attach the panel to the wall with the screws, plugs, and caps provided or, if screws are not suitable for your wall, fix it with appropriate silicone glue.

1.2 mm
Steel, Pigmented epoxy powder coating
10,5 kg
114 x 74 cm

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