Many of you probably have a son, a brother or a friend who is studying or working far from home, or even abroad.

Of course, it is an unforgettable and valuable experience for a young person. For parents, however, it is not always easy to deal with the idea of not being close to their children, especially in this period of difficulty and uncertainty.

The fear that they may get sick, then, is a worm that does not make you sleep at night.

But it was thanks to this worm that I met Mamì.

It was a dear friend of mine, always very attentive to healthy eating, who told me about Mamì for the first time.

This Padua-based company chooses the best fruit in the world, and thanks to an artisanal processing manages to maintain all its nutritional principles and beneficial qualities.

We all know this: fruit has a special place in the Mediterranean diet and is a great ally to support a healthy immune system. In particular, fruit naturally contains vitamin C and polyphenols, which help defend our body against viral attacks.

So I decided to get in touch with the owners of this company. I just wanted to buy some of their products and ship them to my son Giovanni, who has been working in Wales since October and who had been sick with a high fever for a few days.

It was at that moment that the story of KalaMitica and Mamì began.

I was deeply impressed by Ermanno and Alessandro’s passion and energy, despite the difficult moment that their company was experiencing because of Coronavirus.

Mamì, who used to supply many of the best Italian hotels and bars, was facing an unexpected and sudden slowdown.

But that didn't stop them from looking for new solutions to keep growing even in such a complicated situation.

All this perfectly fits with the new KalaMitica project: support and promote outstanding “Made in Italy” companies thanks to our solid experience in online sales. Not only in Italy, but also throughout Europe.

From the very beginning, they were really excited about the opportunity to communicate their values and show the results of their work through new channels.

And this was how the fruitful collaboration between KalaMitica and Mamì was born.

It’s a nice story, isn’t it?

I’m sure it is, especially because now I sleep a lot easier knowing that, even in Wales, my son Giovanni can enjoy the protection of the fruit’s nutrients, which remain unaltered in Mamì Smoothies and Jams.

By the way, Giovanni has recovered and greets you from Cardiff Castle! 

We officially welcome Mamì, and we explain you why we decided to start this new project.

You can buy all Mamì products on our e-shop!

If you want to know more, visit also our blog at

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