Let's find out why with Mamì fruit means health

Today I am particularly excited, because I will take on the role of a journalist!

I have the honour to interview Alessandro, who will help me present Mamì's history and project.

Hi Alessandro, can you tell us something about you?
Hi KalaMitica, it feels strange to talk to a magnetic cube! Well, what can I say...my name is Alessandro and I’m one of the owners of Mamì, together with my father Ermanno and our business partner Francesco.

What is Mamì?
It is a company founded in 2017, with the aim of producing jams and smoothies of the highest possible quality.

What do you mean?
At Mamì we always look ahead: we are never satisfied with our results and we are always looking for new ingredients and new ways to improve, both on quality and on taste. Mamì was not created to do business at any cost; our main goal has always been to seek the best possible quality for our products, without any compromise or prejudice.

It is an ambitious project!
Yes, but you know, young people often dream big! Even though many thought it was a complicated and risky project, we wanted to create something beautiful and new. Still today, our enthusiasm and passion make us overcome any obstacle!

How did the idea come about to create Mamì?
A few years ago, I played golf at a competitive level. It may seem an easy sport, but I assure you that it is really hard to walk for kilometres with a heavy bag on your shoulders, under the sun for long hours and, what is more, with the stress of the competition! You need to keep the level of concentration and energy constantly high, and it is important to follow a healthy diet.

Let me guess…there was a lot of fruit in your diet!
That’s right! As for every sport, also in golf it is necessary to eat properly before and after training sessions and competitions. My nutritionist recommended that I eat a lot of fruit, because it provides slow-releasing energy and it is healthy. But there was a problem…

What problem?
One of the most important things is to eat different kinds of fruit, in order to get all the nutrients we need. But you know, it’s impossible to find all the kinds of fruits all year round! For this reason, I couldn’t always include fresh fruit in my diet. Moreover, we couldn’t find high-quality products that could give me the benefits of fresh fruit without the "hit" of sugar. So we decided to create it.

So, are your products designed for athletes?
Of course they are ideal for those who practice sport and follow a balanced diet, but not only: fruit is healthy for everyone! Our jams and smoothies are excellent in many situations: for mothers who do not know how to make their children eat fruit; for those who do not want to eat heavy meals during their lunch break, for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon nutritious snack, for those looking for a treat without the guilt...in short, for anyone who wants to enjoy all the benefits of fruit in an innovative way!

Why innovative? All grandmothers know how to make jams!
It's true, we all ate grandma's jams, and also those we find at the supermarket. But if you read the ingredients of store-bought jams, you will see that they often contain more sugar than fruit! The same goes for fruit juices: in most cases, the main ingredients are water and sugar...and the percentage of real fruit is really small!

And the smoothies? What’s so special about them?
It’s the same thing: if you think about ordinary fruit juices, in most cases the main ingredients are water and sugar…the percentage of fruit is really small! On the other hand, in our smoothies fruit is the real star, with all its juice, pulp and fibre: all the properties of fresh fruit are maintained, and it is really like eating freshly picked fruits!

So Mamì jams and smoothies are sugar-free?
No, our products do contain sugar, but only the quantity that is strictly necessary for their preservation: no more than 25% in jams and about 5-10% in smoothies. What is more, we only use the best sugar on the market, 100% pure and without any aftertaste, so that it does not affect the taste of the fruit. Over time, we have tried different kinds of sweeteners and sugars, such as stevia, apple juice or grape sugar, but each of them has its own taste, which affected or even spoilt the taste of fruit.

I've always heard that sugar is bad, is it true?
Like all things, it depends on the quantity! In fact, sugars are very important for our body: they are our main source of energy, our "fuel"! However, it should not be taken in excessive quantities. The sugar we put in our products, thanks to its excellent quality and its small amount, is not bad!

But fruit already contains sugars, right?
Exactly, fruit naturally contains different kinds of sugar, such as fructose. Many think that it is harmful, but it is impossible to reach dangerous amounts of fructose only with fruit! What is more, our body needs some time to digest fruit, so fructose arrives in the liver slowly, unlike when consuming fruit juices or sugary drinks.

So there is no need to add large quantities of sugar, fruit is already sweet!
Let me correct you: good and ripe fruit already contains the right quantity of fruit. This is why using top-quality fruit, harvested at the right level of ripeness, as Mamì does, it is not necessary to add large quantities of sugar, besides what is necessary to stabilize and preserve the product.

But fruit is not only made of sugar: there are also fibres, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Do Mamì smoothies and jams contain all of these elements?
Yes, of course! This is exactly one of the characteristics that makes our products unique: thanks to our production process, all the fruit’s beneficial properties are preserved, so it's like eating a freshly picked fruit! This happens because fruit is processed under vacuum and at low temperatures.

What does "at low temperatures" mean?
It means that we never reach high temperatures, which destroy most of the fruit’s nutrients. For example, Vitamin C starts to degrade from 60°C. When you make jam at home, fruit is boiled, which means that it reaches and exceeds 100°C…in this way, fruit is completely spoilt! Smoothies are cold-processed as well, at around 20°C, so that all the fruit’s properties remain intact.

And what about fibres? Do Mamì smoothies contain fibres as well?
That’s right, our smoothies contain not only the juice, but also the pulp and fibre of the fruit. For this reason, they are different from juices obtained by using a centrifugal or a masticating juicer. These in fact contain only the juice, while the pulp and, above all, fibres are completely removed.

And what does this imply?
In short, these juices lack the best nutritional properties of fruit and, what is more, they are less satiating. This is one of the reasons why Mamì smoothies are healthy: being rich in fibre, they increase satiety, therefore they help eat less and lose weight.

So fruit can help us in many ways!
Exactly! Many scientific studies show that eating fruit helps keep us healthy. For example, it reduces the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes, strengthens the immune system, promotes stomach and intestine functions, and can even have a positive effect on our mood!

Thanks Alessandro, it was a pleasure talking with you! Now I understand that fruit really means health, and with Mamì we can enjoying all its benefits whenever and wherever we want!

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