Meet KalaMitica,
an innovative space-saving system
perfect for any room,
which allows you to have
everything you need always at hand.

KalaMitica Made4You

Create customised magnetic boards to offer your customers a unique product tailored to their needs.

Our experience, the quality of made in Italy and your own taste to propose an exclusive product and make your offer even more attractive.

What is KalaMitica?

What is KalaMitica Magnetic System?

It is an innovative way to organize the spaces in which we live.


By creating new vertical space and keeping everything we need in order and at hand.

What do you need?

A magnetic chalkboard, some magnetic containers and accessories…and that’s it!

Change your perspective and use vertical space to free up tables, desks and worktops.

In the last year we have achieved many important milestones:
thanks to all our customers!

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Why become a reseller?

What we offer to our resellers?

  • A range of products that do not compete with those you currently deal with, in order to increase your turnover.

  • A safe and reliable website, where you can shop in all tranquillity and without pressure.

  • Durable and Made in Italy products, evaluated by end customers as excellent, with certified reviews with a score of 4.9 out of 5.

  • Marketing support and customer service in English, Italian and French.

Become a reseller of KalaMitica Magnetic System

Do you like our ideas?

With our magnetic chalkboards, containers and accessories we have created a new market.

However, an innovative idea and many good products are not enough these days.

It is not the strongest who wins, but those who collaborate.

Our long experience in the field of online sales has shown us that there is a large market for our products.

The time has come to let people see our products with their own eyes, and we want to do it together with you.

We want to communicate our values, work together and give your customers the solutions that our products offer.

All of this means creating participation, arousing emotions, having fun, and above all being close to people.

Let's work together: sign up and become a reseller of KalaMitica Magnetic System!

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